Canon Digital Learning Center presents Photography Tips Perfect for the Holidays


Last Updated: December 21, 2015 11:21 pm GMT
(December 21, 2015) Have your camera ready to celebrate, but not sure where to begin? Check out these tips on the Canon Digital Learning Center to help inspire and guide you through capturing those treasured memories. Having friends and family gather together is one of the special parts of the holiday season. Capture these moments to cherish them for a lifetime. Informal or candid portraits can be the best way to photograph your loved ones in their most comfortable and natural state and can be done easily with minimal equipment. Learn about how to add depth, use natural light to your advantage, best angles, and more.

Before you inhale the eggnog, pot roast and bread pudding, consider taking creative food photos of them. Using natural light, your kitchen, a few props and thoughtful styling, you can easily create the food photos that have widely populated social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest.

The bright and festive decorations inside and outside our homes are a great opportunity for creative photography, especially if you play around with exposure settings. Holiday lights can be a challenging subject to photograph, but with these tips on exposure, shutter speed, white balance and more, you are bound to create unique photos with these dazzling subjects.


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