Marquis Media Partners Broadens Reach as Ioannou is Appointed Managing Partner


Last Updated: January 5, 2016 1:13 pm GMT
(January 5, 2016) Marquis Media Partners (MMP), the media consultancy group has confirmed the appointment of Andrew Ioannou as managing partner. Ioannou, formerly director of technology strategy and director of broadcast and production technology for ITV, will now lead Marquis Media Partners’ push to broaden its reach across the global media space.

Andrew Ioannou, managing partner, MMP

Ioannou comments: “I joined MMP in 2013 and the past year has seen the most significant growth of Marquis Media Partners yet, with the recruitment of three new partners plus the completion of several major strategic projects for international media organisations including: Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC Group) and Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). As managing partner, I will work with our team to ensure that as we grow, our resources and expertise are deployed to the maximum effect. MMP will be focused on fulfilling our customers’ needs for the efficient delivery of strategic projects. We will work hard to really deliver benefits to our media client base, particularly in new markets.

“In future we will be dedicated to working with broadcasters and companies primarily or partly in the media space to help them drive successful transformational change programmes,” continues Ioannou. “We shall advise on the management of technical development and tackle change including work space issues and the training and engagement of people, in order to realise successful transformational change programmes within fast-paced environments.

“Our recently announced partnership with Salford University is an example of how we can create tailor-made packages of skills training and change consultancy,” explains Ioannou. “We will also be looking at developing further partnerships to offer an extended range of solutions. This will reinforce MMP’s unique proposition to help media organisations become more agile, in order to thrive and grow regardless of what the future holds.”

. As well as his experience at ITV, Andrew Ioannou was previously responsible for product development at Irdeto and before that, Entriq until their merger. He also spent a number of years in the USA including a period as CEO for Omnibus inc.

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About Marquis Media Partners LLP

Marquis Media Partners LLP (MMP) is a specialist media consultancy working with clients across the international media spectrum to deliver transformational change.

MMP’s client base spans the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Africa, the Middle and Far East.

By focusing on long-term planning, MMP works with clients to deliver future-proof operational models based on carefully evaluated, practical and prioritized recommendations. MMP works in partnership with its clients to implement transformational change with confidence to create greater levels of efficiency and agility based on a transparent understanding of how and why change is necessary.

Marquis Media Partners LLP is part of the broader Marquis Group, which includes Marquis Broadcast, a leading specialist in content workflows and media integration software.

The Marquis Group was founded in 1998, initially to bridge the interface between technology and programme makers in the evolving broadcast world where file based production techniques were having a significant effect on production processes.


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