DOLPH LUNDGREN | Juniper Jones crafts new spot for National Geographic's "Brain Games"


Last Updated: January 18, 2016 8:01 am GMT
(Brooklyn, New York--January 18, 2016) Little known fact: Action star Dolph Lundgren is a genius.

Yes...THAT Dolph Lundgren. Rocky’s monosyllabic Russian nemesis Ivan Drago. It’s this surprising, perception-shifting nugget that creative content agency Juniper Jones utilized in promoting National Geographic Channel’s new season of “Brain Games.”

National Geographic was ready for something different. Past promos for “Brain Games” had focused, by-and-large, on camera tricks to promote the show. Juniper Jones was committed to thinking outside the box and proposed comedy as one avenue. Although comedy generally falls pretty far outside the norm for Brain Games as a property, Nat Geo was open to the idea, as long as the creative supported the endeavor. Once Dolph Lundgren was on the table, Nat Geo jumped at the prospect.

View the spot here:

“From the beginning, casting Dolph Lundgren to promote 'Brain Games’ seemed like such a smart and unexpected way to promote the show,” said Nat Geo SVP/Group Creative Director Andy Baker. “Part of what makes 'Brain Games’ such a fun project is that we’re always trying to find new ways to get a viewer’s attention – so going in a comedic direction was something really exciting for the whole team, both for Nat Geo and Juniper Jones.”

Nat Geo immediately brought their creative minds to the project with Creative Director Tyler Korba scripting a spot premised on Dolph as prisoner, trapped inside his own body and strength. Although his IQ is 160, he can’t function as a smart man because his overly powerful body keeps getting in the way. Fortunately, Brain Games provides him with the perfect outlet.

View the spot here:

With Nat Geo and Juniper Jones working hand-in-hand to bring the Dolph Lundgren project to fruition, they only needed to get one more thing to actually make the spot: Dolph! Fortunately, after reading preliminary scripts, Dolph jumped at the chance to go toe-to-toe with his own image.

“I think what drew everybody involved to the concept and this type of spot was the potential for shareability,” said Juniper Jones Creative Director Kevin Robinson. “When you have a big star like Dolph playing along with the joke, it can generate a lot of buzz.”

The resulting spot is a clever, fresh, and most importantly, memorable promotional spot for Brain Games. The popular series premieres its fifth season on February 14th.

Client: National Geographic Channel SVP/Group Creative Director : Andy Baker Creative Director, On-Air Creative: Tyler Korba Creative Director, Design: Brian Everett Production Manager, Marketing/Creative: Kevin Lahr

Creative Agency: Juniper Jones Director / Executive Creative Director: Kevin Robinson Executive Producer: Ryan McRee Producer: Kyle McKeveny Art Director: Andrea Scaglione Editor: Eli Mavros

Sonic Branding: Bang World

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