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Last Updated: January 13, 2016 4:15 am GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--January 13, 2016) Host Ben Consoli welcomes Sam Painter, the cinematographer behind some of the most influential modern documentaries including “Going Clear” and “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine”, to discuss the art of documentary cinematography.

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Spotlight: Sam Painter

Sam Painter is the cinematographer behind some of the most recent influential documentaries including Going Clear and Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Sam and I discuss his lighting and shooting techniques and how he creates beautiful realism in his work. We also discuss his time in London, meeting music and film icons while shooting for Entertainment Weekly and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as well as his time in the White House Press Corps during Ronald Regan’s second term.

  • The lifestyle of a documentarian

  • Exposing Scientology and the backlash from “Going Clear”

  • Steve Jobs the Man in the Machine

  • The best gear package for documentary

  • How to light naturally

  • Making the interviewees comfortable

  • Sam’s work on Lifestyles of Rich and Famous and Entertainment Tonight

  • The lessons learned from shooting news

  • Meeting the Beatles

  • Working for the White House Press Corp

  • Hiding the early signs of Ronald Regan’s Alzheimers

  • Chasing Sofia Lauren through the streets of Rome

  • and much more!



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