Assist Corp. upgrades to GrayMeta’s Iris 2.0 to gain IMF playback and test measurement capabilities


Last Updated: February 29, 2016 8:47 pm GMT
(Agoura Hills, California--February 29, 2016) Assist Corp. is an influential video production service company that prides itself on bringing new technology to the Japanese market. Reports Reona Kobayashi, Assist’s Director of Engineering, “Technology in the Japanese television and film industries moves quickly, and upgrading to Iris 2.0 is keeping us ahead of the trends.”

Says Kobayashi, “We see ourselves as technology evangelists in a market where technology moves fast. IMF files are gaining popularity here and while they are relatively easy to build, playing them back can be challenging. We were excited to find that Iris 2.0 not only provides solid playback of IMF complex files, but also gives us the ability to share annotations so file corrections get made right the first time.”

Unlike most TV markets, where distribution of 4K TV is just starting, the Japanese market leads the world. Currently, Japan has two satellite channels, an IPTV channel, and a cable channel all delivering 4K. In addition, Japanese broadcasting is moving to a 4K/8K hybrid transmission platform this year, and soon after will be moving to 8K in anticipation of the 2020 Japan Olympic Games.

The Iris 2.0 release added new capabilities that give users visibility on all of a media file’s metadata, including data in unstructured files that may be hidden from view. Josef Marc, GrayMeta’s SVP Professional Services, recently visited Assist Corp. to run a facility-wide half-day training session covering all the new Iris software upgrades (see attached picture). States Marc, “It’s great to visit with Assist Corp. where they are eager to learn about all the new capabilities we are adding to Iris.”

About Assist Corp.
Assist Corp. is a growing company within the Japanese production community that seeks to offer one-stop service from content aggregation to international distribution. By keeping ahead of technology trends, they plan on serving the demanding Japanese television and film industries.

About GrayMeta™
GrayMeta™ was founded in 2014 with the intention of solving big data problems in media and entertainment. In 2015, it released its first product, MetaFarm™, which was quickly adopted by major motion picture studios as a powerful metadata extraction and preservation solution. Iris™ 2.0 is among GrayMeta’s suite of software applications with the novel approach to data and metadata harvesting which has allowed organizations in multiple verticals the ability to perform federated searches across their entire environment, powered by a confluence of machine generated and human entered metadata.

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