Matthews Makes Deal with andyRobot to Manufacture a Series of Modular Robot Base Systems


Last Updated: March 3, 2016 3:37 am GMT
(BURBANK, CALIFORNIA--March 3, 2016) Matthews Studio Equipment known for innovative state of the art technology to support the entertainment industry recently made a deal with Andy Flessas (aka andyRobot) to produce robotic-centric equipment. Flessas, a fan of the Matthews technique of supporting various pieces of equipment worked with the company to create the AR Speed Cube System that will enable users to mount everything from lighting to cameras and support to props around robots.

For Flessas, who has used his robotic equipment for clients such as Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Dead Mouse, Lady Gaga, Royal Caribbean International and Bon Jovi, partnering with Matthews is a “dream come true”. A Matthews fan from his film school days, he would watch how the company’s support would move various pieces of equipment around sets and actors. “When I started thinking about moving robotics – the only place I wanted to go for help was Matthews,” says Flessas. “I wrote an e-mail to Ed Phillips asking if Matthews could make me a modular robot base system to move a robot with the artistry, technology and dependability of their grip and boom equipment. Their pieces never fail.”

“The idea intrigued me,” admits Phillips. “We are always looking for ways to get ahead of today’s technology. Robots are going to be working on various projects across all platforms in the near future.”

Ed Phillips put Flessas (aka andyRobot) together with Tyler Phillips and they the two worked out the details.“Because we are looking towards the kinds of performances where energy and movement are paramount, we knew we had to create a system that could ‘hold’ a variety of things – which could be mounted fast and quick – and most of all be modular,” says Tyler Phillips. “Our cube systems were a perfect jumping off point.”

The new AR Speed Cube System, which can mount Kuka and ABB robots in different positions and configurations are available now. Matthews’s beak (baby) mount has already been adapted to hold different grip items off the end of the robots.

“We’re literally going through the Matthews catalog and finding different pieces that can be adapted to support today’s exciting production world. “The possibilities are endless,” says Flessas. “Over the years Matthews has come up with just about everything shooters need to make their productions more exciting. Taking that equipment to the next level for this world of robotic shooting is only a natural.”

The Matthews AR Speed Cube System and the various accessories being produced for the robotics line will be on display at NAB 2016 in the Matthews Studio Equipment booth along with other new inventions like the Infinity Arm, Wedge and more.

For further information about the AR Speed Cube System and other Matthews Studio Equipment designed and produced support:

To see some of andyRobot’s latest work:

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