SGO Announces Integration Partnership with AJA Video Systems


SGO Announces Integration Partnership with AJA Video System Solutions Result in High-Quality Performance Workflows

Last Updated: March 4, 2016 4:43 pm GMT
(Madrid, Spain--March 4, 2016) SGO's customer-focused engineering has consistently supported radical productive advancements in broadcast and film technologies as well as format standards to provide professionals with future-proof solutions. AJA's KONA capture, display and mastering products for SD, HD, 3G, Dual Link HD, 2K and 4K are a perfect match with Mistika, which provides the most complete post-production feature-set for projects of any practical resolution and frame-rate, even beyond 8K. Stereo 3D output in 4K using the Corvid 88 I/O card is already available, along with viable future 8K capabilities for Mistika Ultima 8K systems.

CEO of SGO Miguel Angel Doncel states, “There is positive synergy between SGO and AJA. Our combined expertise will achieve even greater results that our customers have come to expect. We both have teams of proficient staff that are passionately focused on providing unique and dependable high-quality technology for creative professionals. We look forward to working with AJA for many years to come.”

President Nick Rashby at AJA Video Systems confirms, “Our KONA and Corvid families of professional video and audio capture and playback cards have long been the solutions of choice for top filmmakers and broadcasters for their reliability and scalability. SGO delivers on that same promise to customers with their advanced Mistika software that supports future-proof workflows and we’re pleased to be working together to offer a best-of-breed post-production solution.”

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