Last Updated: March 8, 2016 6:32 pm GMT
(March 8, 2016) Following last year’s successful Gundersen Health System campaign, agency Preston Kelly reunited with kaboom and director michele atkins to delve into what makes the provider so special: love + medicine. Launching this week are three spots that embrace this fundamental, powerful ethos. Inspired by actual experiences at Gundersen, the spots reveal small but mighty moments that are pivotal in effective, quality care. View them here: http://wdrv.it/1SoCzNl

"Michele brings a vision for the spots that keeps these real stories feeling real,” says Preston Kelly EVP/Creative Director, Chris Preston. “She walks the line between telling an elegant story and finding authentic emotion. She understands what our agency team and our client is looking for and delivers it without selling out on her vision."

Three stories for three generations were filmed on location at Gundersen for an added layer of authenticity. “Glasses” unfolds in a car parked at the snow-covered lot, and demonstrates the steps taken to help an elderly client get the optical prescription she needs. “Hands” reveals how vulnerability and nervousness are calmed by a simple touch. The third spot, “Balloon Glove,” reflects how original thinking can turn the situation around for a small boy in need of care.

Subtle details, like moving from a view through the door of a hospital room to a close-up of a worrying patient, or a back seat vantage point of what seems to be a lone elderly women on a winter’s day, or the overhead shot of a boy refusing to have his bandage changed, help bring viewers into the experience. These unique perspectives take people from voyeur to participant in a lead up to the resonant moment that connects health with care.

“The power of the spots came from being rooted in truth. But the project came together so beautifully because the amazing agency team, as well as the client, were completely focused on providing the best for the campaign,” explains director atkins. “It was this sense of communal purpose and the drive to enhance the work every step of the way that made the process special.”

Spot Titles: “Glasses,” “Hands,” “Balloon Glove”

Client: Gundersen Health System

Agency: Preston Kelly EVP/Creative Director: Chris Preston Associate Creative Director: Anne Taylor Senior Copywriter: Charlie Tournat Senior Broadcast Supervisor: Anne Swarts Account Supervisor: Ron Hall

Production Company: kaboom productions Director/DP: michele atkins EP: lauren schwartz HOP: Steven Sills

Editorial Company: Drive Thru Editor: Mick Uzendoski

Composer: Stephen Coates


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