Lucky Post's Logan Hefflefinger Finds Infinite Possibilities With Fiat Toro


Last Updated: March 9, 2016 5:53 pm GMT
(March 9, 2016) Fiat Toro’s new spot for Brazil is a symphonic fusion of moments that express the wonder of "Infinite Possibilities." Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger traveled to Brazil along with The Richards Group creatives Tim Tone, David Morring and director Warren Fischer to capture life’s rich pageant that springs forth from 88 keys, 46 chromosomes, 6 strings and 1 car.

The spot, “Infinitas Possibilidades,” is a graceful and voyeuristic exploration of creative systems - music, art, nature, culture. A string trio launches the brand film into a momentous journey where viewers are swept up by the vastness of a single instrument creating an entire symphony, the faces and cultures diversified by only 46 chromosomes, words building entire libraries of narratives and knowledge, and primary colors blending into unending combinations of art and design. The Toro, at the helm of the campaign, traverses highways to unbeaten paths, from metropolitan streets through wind and rain to freeing shores. Experience it here:

Logan developed visual relationships and an editorial cadence with Fischer’s dynamically filmed cacophony of action, emotion, hue, texture along with these brilliant flashes of human creativity.

“In the edit, Tim, David and I constantly examined the question ‘Does it feel like infinite possibilities?’ Each exploration had to connect back to the source and that final beat had to pay off,” comments Logan. “Warren Fischer is an artist, who thinks musically and cinematically, so it was exciting to see how he interpreted the agency’s vision.”

Agency: The Richards Group Producer: Gabriel Silva Art Director: Tim Tone Copywriter: David Morring

Production Company: Ocean Films Director: Warren Fischer

Post: Lucky Post Editor: Logan Hefflefinger


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