VFX Legion Releases Winter 2016 Showreel


Highlights include work from Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Insidious: Chapter 3, and Sinister 2

Last Updated: March 10, 2016 4:10 am GMT
(Burbank, CA--March 10, 2016) Remote post-production and VFX studio VFX Legion has released its brand new winter 2016 showreel.

The reel, which can be viewed below, features the incredible work of Legion's hard-working artists on productions such as Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Insidious: Chapter 3 and Sinister 2.

Legion is a fully remote post-production studio. All work showcased in the reel features contributions from dedicated artists across the globe!

Legion Winter 2016 Reel from Legion Studios on Vimeo.

James Hattin, creative director at VFX Legion comments: "We're incredibly proud of the work completed by the worldwide VFX Legion team over recent months.

"From set extensions and motion graphics to full-CG characters, intricate blood simulations, and full night-to-day transitions, our artists have collaborated from all across the globe to deliver high-end visuals for some of the year's most exciting projects.

"The lure of commodified work in certain locations certainly powers studios in the area to complete their work cheaply, but it also means setting up shop in cities such as Los Angeles, Vancouver and London. These are some of the most expensive cities in the world, and that puts an economic strain on the people that live there.

"With established talent pools and industry hubs forming around these areas, some of the best artists and creators on the planet can often be left feeling burned out, unmotivated and underpaid. Staff that find themselves in such a position can struggle to work at their peak – productive creativity comes from satisfied staff, not those let down time and again by the administrative and economic machinery of the industry.

"Members of Legion watched this situation unfold for a long time, both as outsiders looking in and as active participants of the very system. When it came to setting up Legion itself, we knew we wanted to do things differently.

"We wanted access to the best talent, not just those confined to the tax break hotspots. And we wanted access to the people who were burned out from constantly moving from one city to the next at the whim of the studio – they’ve experienced multiple types of work, in multiple countries, in multiple studios. They know their stuff: there’s so much value to that kind of person, but they’re undertreated and massively underpaid by the local currencies.

"We wanted to access this talent without expecting them to pick up and move yet again. We wanted to pay them well and let them live the life where and how they want to. And we wanted to give them regular work helping us build great content. We knew we could serve a global industry with an intimately collaborative team.

So that's what we do," says Hattin, "and it works. Legion is based in Burbank, California, but our staff work remotely all over the world. We do everything we can to give them freedom. Everyone, in an ideal world, should have the ability to make their own hours. Our staff can pick up their kids from school, take their dog for a walk, and not have to spend 4 hours a day commuting to and from work. We’re able to find people who want to get away from the incessant buzz of the city and live in the country. There’s a lot of people with skill; a lot of people who want to do this. Our goal is to find them and empower them through today’s remote workflows."

About VFX Legion
Legion is a forward-thinking and fully remote large-scale post-production and VFX studio.

Working with a worldwide talent pool of creative thinkers via state-of-the art online technology, Legion delivers expert compositing, cleanup, 2D & 3D graphics and more for any production with a need for high-end visual effects. Legion’s global team has experience at every level of production, meaning it can easily call upon a diverse range of talent across a number of disciplines as each job requires. This flexibility enables to Legion to easily meet the shifting needs, budgets and timelines of contemporary content creation.

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