Incendio’s Luis Silva Colors Gymkhana Eight for Hoonigan and Ford


Dubai project marks reunion for Silva and director Ben Conrad

Last Updated: March 16, 2016 1:17 am GMT
(Venice, CA--March 16, 2016) A video that opens with a camel, a hawk and a cheetah might suggest a desert theme, but with its myriad locations, Ken Block's Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai feels much more like a race around the world. Created by Hoonigan, produced by Gen Pop, directed by Ben Conrad and colored by Luis Silva of Incendio, the video introduces Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX. We’re told the video will be “EPIC”, but epic may be too small a word: over the course of 9 minutes, we are taken from desert roads to city streets, an airstrip and more.

The magnificent city of Dubai evokes, at various turns, the Emerald City, South Beach and the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. This diversity presented a unique opportunity for Silva, who set the looks across more than 200 shots, the stylized visuals keeping pace with Block’s constant speed and Conrad’s unrelenting kinetics.

“Ben has a clear vision coming in, encouraging me to do my thing and push the color boundaries,” said Silva, who first worked with Conrad on B.J. Baldwin’s “Recoil” series. “We move incrementally from there until we end up at the finish line.”

In the case of Gymkhana EIGHT, which racked up 12 million views in its first week, getting to the finish line involved changing up the looks to evolve with each new locale and stunt. “Dubai is clearly a character in the narrative,” said Silva. “We wanted to take advantage of this vibrant city, while emphasizing how Ken and this amazing car operated within it.”

Client: Ford/Ken Block’s Gymkhana
Spots Title(s): Gymkhana Eight
First Air Date: February 29, 2016
Agency/Location: Hoonigan
Creative Director: Brian Scotto
Production Company: Gen Pop
Director: Ben Conrad
DP: Jordan Valenti
POV DP: Ron Zaras
Associate Directors: Jeremy Robinson, Baris Cangokce
Executive Producers: Matt Tuccillo, Nick Moceri, Pierre Nobile
Producers: Rick Brown, Karen Coetzee
Editor: Volkert Besseling

Telecine Company: Incendio / Venice, CA
Colorist: Luis Silva

Post/Effects Company: Fellow
EP: Frederic Liebert
Title Design: Paul Cayrol
Sound Design & Mix: Keith Ruggiero


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