Hocus Products’ new Smart Roller remote focus controller is now preparing to ship and is smarter than ever


You can see and try the new Hocus Products’ Smart Roller on the Bright Tangerine booth C5146 at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, exhibition 18th -21st April 2016

Last Updated: March 21, 2016 5:04 pm GMT
(London, UK--March 21, 2016) The new Hocus Products’ Smart Roller for Axis 1 is preparing to ship. With deliveries starting just 2 weeks from now, the system has been updated and new functions added since the initial launch, and it's now smarter than ever.

The new Hocus Products’ Smart Roller unit, on the extreme right shown with the Hocus Products’ Axis 1 receiver unit

Small, compact and versatile, the Smart Roller is the new Axis1 thumb wheel focus control aimed at the new brushless gimbal market to allow single operator focus control through a compact finger roller mounted on the gimbal handle bar.

It can also be used on Steadicam, tripod pan handles or shoulder mount handle bars and could be used to control zoom instead of focus if required.

Peter Hoare, the founder of Hocus Products said: “Focusing whilst also operating a gimbal is difficult, but sometimes it has to be done. The Smart Roller is the perfect tool for the job, packed with features and technology to make life easier and smooth your workflow. You can change the response speed, the direction, set limits, run or stop the camera and pass control over to an Axis1 hand unit all from the Smart Roller's button panel. The Smart Roller features haptic vibration feedback to communicate with the operator silently, without the need for them to be looking away from what's important.”

The new Hocus Products’ Smart Roller at work clamped to a camera gimbal cross-bar

The Smart Roller ships with its unique band clamp, which uses a soft rubber belt to grip to any size or shaped object and which can be used to position the roller in the best place for comfortable operation. It will not scratch or crush your expensive carbon tubes, and is infinitely adjustable.

The Smart Roller is available on its own, for existing Axis1 users, and is also available packaged with an Axis1 receiver and motor.

The Smart Roller plugs into the Axis1 receiver with one single ultraflex cable and can control camera run stop in addition to other functions which can be seen in detail on the Hocus Products web site.

For more information, and to purchase, please visit www.hocusproducts.com or mail pete@hocusproducts.com

You can also see and try the new Hocus Roller on the Bright Tangerine booth C5146 at NAB 2016 Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, exhibition 18th -21st April 2016.

Based in the UK, Hocus Products produces wireless remote focus solutions for industry professionals. The products are built around reliability, and with ease of use in mind. Sales and service is handled directly or through dealers all across the globe.

The electronics and software of the Axis 1 have been developed by partners at Jackson Woodburn, manufacturers of motion control systems for which they have won a technical Oscar.

Hocus Products is dedicated to producing products of the highest quality using only the finest components and materials and as a result they are able to offer a three year warranty on all Axis 1 products.


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