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Last Updated: March 21, 2016 8:29 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 21, 2016) ​Marsha R. Levine, a pioneer and leader in product placement in Hollywood, has successfully scored another aircraft placement with Turkish Airlines featured in Warner Bros. upcoming release of Batman v Superman.

​​​​​Marsha R. Levine, founder and CEO of A List Entertainment, Inc. a product placement agency, has landed another successful aircraft placement in Warner Bros. upcoming release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This follows a long list of successful airline placements in Hollywood films for Levine, and marks the first product placement in a major motion picture for Turkish Airlines. The placement is expected to expand Turkish Airlines global reach into the U.S. market.

Levine's skill and insight in identifying Hollywood opportunities for brands, relationships with the studios and knowledge of the filmmaking process, bring her clients some of the most successful placements in Hollywood history. The art of her product curation stems from the understanding of the filmmaker's vision; the characterization, emotion and matching a brand with simpatico attributes, she explains.

"As soon as I received the information from WB about Batman vs. Superman, I knew immediately a match with Turkish Airlines would be a match made in heaven," says Levine. "It was such a fabulous partnership that could be forged between a soaring man and a soaring plane. I saw how the two could soar together."

The airline, with knowledge of Levine' track record in aerospace product placement, contacted her in early 2013. When the opportunity for the partnership in the film arose later that year, she encouraged the airline to participate, presented the brand to the studio and the rest, as they say is history", says Levine.

Batman v Superman filmmaker Zack Snyder had much praise for Turkish Airlines representation in the film. "Once you enter a fantastical world like Batman v Superman and then you bring in a real world company like Turkish Airlines - you bring it in to set the world as real and that's what I was inspired by as a filmmaker. The presence of Turkish Airlines in that fantastical world makes you feel like these things are really happening," says Snyder in a recent featurette about the film. The film is in theaters March 25.

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest tie-ins to date in the film industry. The airline was featured in two Super Bowl ads for the film and the featurette in addition to its film placement and licensing, all stemming from the initial product placement. Levine credits her timing in the partnership as the studio had other airline offers in. "Timing is everything", she says. "If we did not present and submit the LOI in time, WB could have gone with their other airline offer and it would not have been possible for Turkish Airlines to partner with the film", she notes.

Levine is a pioneer in the field of product placement. For more than 20 years, she curated placements for some of the most well-known brands in Hollywood including Spiderman 2 & 3, Warner Bros. The Matrix, The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Departed, Universal's Fast and Furious franchise and Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn1.

Her latest placement is Swiss Airlines in Sony's upcoming Inferno, starring Tom Hanks, to be released late 2016.To learn more about the product placement industry and view Levine's successful projects and services, visit

About A List Entertainment, Inc. and Marsha R. Levine

Marsha R. Levine founded A List Entertainment, Inc. in 1990. A pioneer in aviation and product placement, Levine is one of the leaders in her field and speaks worldwide. She is also known for her historic placements, such as Duracell in The Matrix and Dr Pepper in Spiderman 2. Levine is one of the founders of the Product Placement Association established in 1991. She was on the board for two terms, headed its ethics committee and was instrumental in establishing product placement guidelines and business practices.


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