Two New Video Processors Make NAB 2016 Debut in FOR-A Booth


Last Updated: March 29, 2016 3:16 pm GMT
(Cypress, California--March 29, 2016) FOR-A will introduce two new video processors at next month’s NAB Show. The company will showcase the USF-1044UDC 4K Up/Down/Cross Converter and LMCC-8000 linear matrix color converter for the first time in its NAB Booth (#C5117). Additionally, FOR-A will unveil new features for its popular FA-505 multi channel signal processor, including wide color gamut (WCG) and high dynamic range (HDR) matrices support.

FOR-A's FA-505 multi channel signal processor

The USF-1044UDC is a multi-functional up/down/cross conversion module for USF frames, with up to six modules accepted within one frame. The unit supports the following conversions: SD to 4K, HD to 4K, 4K to SD, 4K to HD, 4K to 4K 2SI/SQD, and Level-A/B conversion. It also offers color gamut conversion and the ability to interconvert between ITU-R BT.709 and ITU-R BT.2020 color gamuts. The unit supports an array of video formats, including: 1080/24p, 1080/25p and 1080/30p. Packaged in a space-saving modular format, the USF-1044UDC is ideal for use in on-site system installations.

“With 4K’s increasing use throughout the industry, FOR-A sees the underlying necessity of up-converters, as many on-site systems are still SD or HD-based or are currently transitioning to 4K,” said Hiro Tanoue, President of FOR-A America. “Down-converters are similarly indispensable for use in existing systems that contain the latest 4K equipment. FOR-A’s new multi-functional USF-1044UDC fulfills that customer need.”

At NAB FOR-A will also showcase new additions to its FA-505 multi channel signal processor. The five-input, five-output signal processor now supports wide color gamut and high dynamic range matrices from ITU-R BT.709 to IT-R BT.2020 and vice versa, making the FA-505 an essential processing unit in 4K production. Other new features include a dynamic range conversion function that allows SDR-to-HDR conversion and vice versa, and the ability to store conversion algorithms internally, according to the user’s Log file specs.

The USF-1044UDC 4K Up/Down/Cross Converter

FOR-A will also introduce the LMCC-8000 UHDTV 8K signal color gamut/dynamic range converter at NAB. Jointly developed with Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the LMCC-8000 features 8K-DG signal (3G-SDI x 8) and 8K-FR signal (3G-SDI x 16) input and 8K-DG signal (3G-SDI x 8/2-line) or 8K-FR signal (3G-SDI x 16) output. The 1RU product offers SDR to HDR and vice versa dynamic range conversion, and can handle registration of up to eight different color gamut conversion matrices, and up to 32 total (eight each for SDR input, HDR input, SDR output, HDR output) transferable color gamut and/or dynamic range conversion matrices. The LMCC-8000 will be introduced at NAB as an 8K model, while a 4K model is planned for future release.

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