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Last Updated: March 29, 2016 5:25 pm GMT
(March 29, 2016) Please join us at NAB 2016, Booth C9918 to explore how Apollo and Odyssey7Q+ can enable your production and easy your workflow.
NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new devices in new ways. This Guest Pass Code (LV2582) is valid for a FREE Exhibits Pass to NAB Show if redeemed before April 1, 2016. The Exhibits Pass includes access to the Exhibit Hall, NAB Show Opening, General Sessions, and Info Sessions.

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Apollo Will Launch You Into Easy Multi-Cam Production
If you haven’t been shooting multi-cam productions because you can’t afford the additional time, hassle, and associated costs of doing so, then come see a demo of Apollo and learn how easy and cost-effective it is!

Apollo is an OLED monitor, multi-cam recorder, touchscreen switcher, and synced playback device. Simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch between the four or a quad-split reference view. Apollo can also function as a live switcher while simultaneously recording the isolated HD video signals. Apollo can also be used to record two 4K signals at once. The size of a small tablet and able to run for hours on a camcorder battery, Apollo is truly portable and the only device of its kind that can both record multiple HD camera feeds as well as live-switch between them. It’s a production studio in the palm of your hand.

Learn about how Apollo will save you time & money in production and post.
[USER STORY] Apollo Captures Multicam for Men’s Health

Read about how Matthew Zappile uses Apollo multicamera functionality

Odyssey7Q+ to Show Off Some New Features at NABSHOW 2016!
We’re at it again! Come see some of the new features for Odyssey7Q+, and it’s pairings with some of your favorite cameras. The Industry's best Professional Monitor/Recorder just keeps on getting better!

Reflect on Accessories for your Odyssey! Dog days of summer are coming, so get your Odyssey product ready with our Anti-Glare Screen Protector. Simply peel off the original screen protector from the glass and replace!

Odyssey7Q+ Anti-Glare Screen Protector (990-10004-100) - MSRP $40 Apollo Anti-Glare Screen Protector (990-10006-100) - MSRP $40
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