Mo-Sys will focus on robotics in 2016, launching the new ViaRail


See Mo-Sys on their booth C7549 at NAB 2016, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas Nevada, USA; Exhibition 18th -21st April 2016

Last Updated: March 31, 2016 7:53 pm GMT
(London, UK--March 31, 2016) Bringing robotics expertise directly from the set of Gravity, Mo-Sys Engineering will showcase a range of robotic camera systems at NAB 2016.

Mo-Sys ViaRail dolly shown with column option in the high and low positions

Mo-Sys is a Hollywood standard for camera robotics. Many movie blockbusters including Gravity, Life of PI and Birdman were created around Mo-Sys robotics, an expertise that Mo-Sys will now use to increase its range of broadcast robotic systems. 

CEO Michael Geissler says 2016 is the year of the robot. “Robotics is a very natural area for Mo-Sys to expand into. In 2016 I want to focus our efforts on this side of the business, and I expect we will have a few surprises for you by the time IBC comes around.” 

Mo-Sys is extending the ViaRail product range, a family of broadcast travelling rail systems. There are two types of ViaRail – a hanging monorail and a floor based dolly system. 

The ViaRail dolly with a column allowing vertical camera movements will be shown for the first time at NAB.

The rails can be customised and built to any length, exploring the whole studio from one end to the other, and allowing for curves with a minimum radius of 4m. The longest rail installed to date is 50m.

The scissor-lift of the hanging ViaRail lets the camera drop from ceiling height to eye level. The centrifugal force of the hanging camera traveling along a curve is compensated by a gyro camera leveller. The unique rubber capped rail provides a single continuous running surface, reduces noise and removes joint ripple.

ViaRail has:

-A floor based and a ceiling hung rail system

-Optional VR data output

-Dual-Joystick console for camera control

-Mo-Sys ShotBox touch screen for pre-programmed camera positions

See Mo-Sys on their booth C7549 at NAB 2016, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas Nevada, USA; Exhibition 18th -21st April 2016.

Mo-Sys is a media robotics provider servicing the high-end film and the global broadcast industry with remote heads, ceiling and floor-based camera rail systems as well as mechanical, inertial and optical camera tracking for virtual and augmented reality.

Mo-Sys has a strong focus on innovation and collaboration with its key clients including HP, GE, RedBull, ESPN and BBC.

Mo-Sys robotic products are used in the many Hollywood productions including prestigious movies like Life of Pi, Birdman, Spectre and Gravity.


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