PlayBox CloudAir Redefines Broadcast Playout at CABSAT 2016


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Last Updated: April 1, 2016 6:16 pm GMT
(Hatfield, Hertfordshire UK--April 1, 2016) PlayBox Technology, the world leader in television playout and channel branding solutions, reports very high interest in its CloudAir and PlayBox Neo product ranges which were introduced to Middle East and Africa broadcast markets at CABSAT 2016. The exhibition and its parallel conference were held at the Dubai World Trade Centre March 8-10.

"Show attendence was excellent and market conditions buoyant," comments PlayBox Technology CEO Pavlin Rahnev. "Broadcasters and systems integrators in the CABSAT region, like their colleagues worldwide, recognise the inherent advantages of IT-based solutions over the hardware-intensive systems originally developed for the video tape era.

"CloudAir in particular is now seen by many customers as redefining the entire business of broadcast playout. It opens up a wide vista of new operational possibilities, essentially making the entire business of broadcasting much more flexible than before. Starting a new channel, for example, used to demand months of preplanning and a great deal of financial investment. With CloudAir, the technical element of this process can be reduced to a few days, hours or even minutes. CloudAir can be purchased and run on customers' existing servers or licenced from a third-party service provider. It is essentially format independent so can handle standard-definition, high-definition or ultra-high definition.

"In addition to its obvious roles in mainstream broadcasting and event-specific OTT channels, the CloudAir virtual IP playout model allows any broadcaster to establish an emergency backup facility without having to find, equip and protect off-site premises. The EBF can be operated remotely as easily as any other channel via a standard IP network. CloudAir completely rewrites the rulebook in terms of cost, staffing and location."

"We also experienced very strong interest from existing PlayBox customers in the PlayBox Neo series," adds Chief Commercial Officer Ben Gunkel. "PlayBox has long been an aspirational brand throughout Africa and the Middle East, building up a large and loyal user base. Neo represents the very latest advance in server-based broadcast playout, so-called 'channel-in-a-box'.

"For a television channel which has perhaps only recently advanced from tape-based to file-based production, the PlayBox suite gives station staff the ongoing reassurance that they have hands-on access to their archives and playout infrastructure. They can choose how much backup equipment they want to invest in and when to switch between live, automated-playout or reserve mode. It is formula that works extremely well for television networks in many countries around the globe."

The new AirBox Neo playout server is a development of the existing AirBox. It can be operated unattended round the clock or over-ridden for live-to-air transmissions. UHD, HD and SD are all supported in single AirBox Neo server.

TitleBox Neo provides a wide range of interactive on-air graphics and titling capabilities which can be manipulated live. It includes substantial improvements for dealing with UHD projects.

CaptureBox Neo allows HD or SD content to be captured from up to four video sources simultaneously. These can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a streamlined user interface with enhanced multichannel control and operability.

SafeBox Neo replicates remote content to local playout server folders for safe transmission. It implements a new graphic interface plus new significantly faster processing for moving primary or copied content to the playout and central storage servers. A new workflow routine protects content against unintended deletion.

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