Pixel Power demonstrates full broadcast playout in the cloud live at NAB 2016


Fully virtualised playout alongside radical cost-saving graphics automation solutions

Last Updated: April 7, 2016 10:17 am GMT
(SL5922 NAB, Las Vegas--April 7, 2016) Pixel Power, the automation, branding and graphics innovator, is drawing on its 30 year pedigree of uncompromised excellence at NAB 2016 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 18 – 21 April). Taking centre stage is a rolling live demonstration of fully virtualised playout in the cloud, alongside highly productive graphics solutions and proven technology which bridges the transition from today’s broadcast infrastructures to the IP connected future.

Attention is focused on the first US presentation of StreamMaster, the next generation of integrated channel playout, scalable to meet the needs of anything from a pop-up channel to a full premium service. StreamMaster is part of Pixel Power’s new software-centric product portfolio, meaning it can run on dedicated hardware, as a virtual machine in a data centre, or in the cloud. With its SDI input and output functionality that means it can deliver uncompromised playout with live graphics in today’s world and make a seamless transition not only to IP infrastructures but from on-premise to cloud architectures.

“IP is not the goal, it is an enabling technology,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “What it enables is the chance to completely redefine the way we work, laying out our technology architectures to serve our commercial and operational targets, not define them. By making StreamMaster compatible from today’s SDI to tomorrow’s cloud, it is the perfect platform for full playout automation, with live graphics, now and in the future.”

Sharing the spotlight is another NAB premiere, Promote, together with popular automated finishing tool Pixel Factory. The two products are both aligned around eliminating the dull, repetitive tasks around creating content that limit productivity and eat into the budget. Promote creates data-driven live on air graphics; Pixel Factory produces all the different versions of promotional content from a single set of instructions. In use with major broadcasters around the world, the common response is that they save literally hundreds of hours of post production work, releasing talented staff to concentrate on more creative tasks while driving the channel’s branding and image way up.

“Broadcasting is a business, and our many customers make it clear that they have to make the best use of their resources,” Gilbert said. “Our automated content creation tools like Promote and Pixel Factory boost viewer retention and strengthen your brand while saving you money – that is a powerful proposition for any broadcaster.

“All of our new software-centric, IP and cloud-ready products are built directly on the proven heritage of Clarity, one of the most respected realtime graphics platforms in the industry,” he added. “These are extraordinarily powerful solutions, ready for whatever the future brings, and deliverable today.”

StreamMaster, Promote, Pixel Factory and Clarity can be seen – in live, real-world demonstrations – on the Pixel Power booth, SL5922, at NAB 2016.

About Pixel Power

Pixel Power develops, distributes and supports the technologies and solutions that media companies rely on to create their on-air identity, enhance their content with stunning graphics, and deliver their services anywhere there is an audience.

Pixel Power offers powerful solutions to meet the creative and production needs of today's file-based operations. Now you can add graphics power for QC, web delivery, post production, or to enhance program material and add graphics overlays for playout and streaming without the overhead of real-time platforms. Our continuing development program ensures that we develop system that integrate with existing file-based operations and add features for multi device playout, second screen and social media.

Through a worldwide network of carefully selected distributors Pixel Power ensures that local and knowledgeable sales, service and support is always available for our ever growing client base. With systems installed in major broadcasters and production facilities around the world, Pixel Power is working with the broadcast industry globally to develop exciting and creative systems for the highly automated, multi-skilled environment which is modern television production. Pixel Power's growing customer base of over 2000 systems includes market leading broadcasters like the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Disney, HBO, ABC, CBS, Fox, WDR and RTBF.

With corporate headquarters in Cambridge, England, Pixel Power also has a wholly owned US subsidiary providing sales and service across North America as well as a dedicated Middle East office in Dubai.

Pixel Power can be contacted online at www.pixelpower.com.


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