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Last Updated: April 8, 2016 7:28 pm GMT
(April 8, 2016) IABM Platinum Membership grows Industry leaders spell out the benefits of full-on IABM engagement Last year, IABM restructured its membership categories and added new member benefits to better meet the differing needs of companies ranging from small organizations with just a few staff to international companies with hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of staff and multi-million dollar revenues. The result has been an unqualified success, with membership growing by more than 25% othe year, and with five companies choosing the highest level of membership – Platinum. These are: Avid, Grass Valley Group, Huawei, Imagine Communications and NEP.

IABM conceived Platinum membership for companies that see themselves as thought leaders and industry trailblazers. The additional benefits provided at Platinum Level are geared to facilitating this objective. Extra engagement opportunities through business conferences, breakfast briefings and business leaders' summits alongside unlimited brands/subsidiary additions are all part of this exclusive package. Here’s what some of the Platinum members have to say:

“As a leading technology innovator in the media and entertainment industry, it was a natural step for Avid to become a platinum member of the IABM. Avid has become the most open company in the industry as we strive to give media organizations seamless, flexible workflows – and the freedom of choice – to help them succeed in today’s media environment. The additional engagement opportunities that come with Platinum membership will help us build on the growing community of over 600 open connectivity partners that we’ve welcomed to the MediaCentral Platform already.”

Jeff Rosica, senior vice president, chief sales & marketing officer at Avid
“There’s really only one organization that’s providing a forum for suppliers in the broadcast business to meet and share ideas that lead to a better collective understanding of the market – and that’s IABM. The range of benefits Grass Valley receives as a member, including the annual Global Market Valuation Report, industry research and live events help us remain a key contributor to the broadcast community and make us a better partner for our customers.”

David Cohen, Sr. Director, Outbound Marketing, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand
“Platinum Membership of the IABM works for Huawei on a number of different levels. We’re a rapidly growing global brand in customer electronics, the world’s largest set top box manufacturer, and the third largest mobile phone manufacturer, but a relative ‘newcomer’ to the broadcast industry outside China. We value the IABM conferences, business meetings, briefings and knowledge sharing, as well as the face-to-face networking opportunities that present themselves during these events. They give us the chance to share our story, and discover new areas of collaboration. We’re particularly pleased with the support the IABM is able to offer us to better understand broadcast industry trends and new business opportunities.”

Richard Brooking, Account Manager - Media Industries, Huawei Technologies (UK) Co. Ltd.
“Standing out in a highly competitive and innovative industry requires keen awareness of the latest technology and cultural trends that impact the future direction of the media and entertainment industry. The many benefits of our Platinum-level membership with the IABM play a major role in helping Imagine Communications to keep sharp our competitive edge and anticipate the rapidly evolving requirements of our customers.”

Glodina Connan, chief marketing officer, Imagine Communications
“We’re delighted that our Platinum members are getting full value from their investment with IABM,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “We exist to serve our members – large and small – in every way we can to support their business needs; we are continuing to actively explore new ways we can further extend our offer to deliver yet more services and value for members.”

About IABM:

IABM is the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. Its wide range of services to members encompasses market research and intelligence, training, expert representation at standards bodies and broadcasting unions, executive networking opportunities, and preferential purchasing. A presence at every major broadcast tradeshow, IABM also provides a valuable channel for communication among broadcast manufacturers, government, and regulatory bodies. Additional IABM activities include awards programs for innovation and scholarships designed to stimulate the development of the broadcast and electronic media industries on an international basis. For more information, please visit www.theiabm.org.

IABM Contact:

Lisa Collins

Head of Marketing

Tel: 44 (0)1684 450035 Email: lisa.collins@theiabm.org Multimedia


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