Aaton Digital presents the complete CantarX3 package at NAB 2016


Aaton Digital presents the complete CantarX3 package at NAB 2016 with the Cantarem2 mixing panel and also launches the new Cantaress advanced mixing surface; NAB Booth #N3436

Last Updated: April 15, 2016 7:21 am GMT
(Paris, France--April 15, 2016) Aaton Digital will present the complete CantarX3 digital sound recorder package at NAB 2016, including the new Cantarem2 and recorder accessories, and will also launch a completely new advanced mixing surface, the Cantaress. Last but not least you will enjoy the new Majax with Mac0S and Windows version.

The new Cantaress is the latest contribution of Aaton-Digital to the sound industry; this new mixing surface presents an extraordinary feel even when using gloves, and offers high durability for the intensive user. The ergonomics and design follow that of the CantarX3 and seamlessly extend the operational capabilities further with an intuitive integration.

The CantarX3 recorder has already made a huge impact on the sound recording sector for cinematography, broadcast, drama, and orchestral work. Many early adopters were users of previous CantarX recorders, but now the wider market is recognising the true potential of this outstanding design, a flexible tool for those who need to record professional audio for years to come.

Tim White – Sound recordist: "It was a really easy transition as I have been using Cantars as my main recorders for nearly 8 years. The X3 has many similarities but the number of tracks and that lovely display are game changers. I love working with the X3 and looking forward to pairing it with the new Cantarem2."

Tully Chen - Sound mixer: "First let me tell you that it is a joy to work with the new CantarX3, I feel that it became a part of myself - Audio quality is superb, the faders are silky and responsive."

Greg Burgmann - Sound engineer: "I'm very happy for you all at Aaton-Digital, that you have the opportunity to express yourselves in a product that has integrated the thorough understanding of what is required by sound recordists, with such brilliant engineering."

The Aaton Digital team will be on the booth N3436 throughout NAB show to meet and demonstrate the full line-up of Aaton Digital and Transvideo products.

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Full package CantarX3, Cantarem2 and accessories

About Aaton Digital:

In June 2013, TRANSVIDEO’s holding company Ithaki acquired AATON, the French manufacturer of cinematic equipment. Since this time, AATON-Digital developed the CantarX3, the most advanced on location sound recorder that received a Cinec Award in 2014 and the IABM Award in 2015. The CantarX3 has been nominated for the CAS Award 2016.

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