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Last Updated: April 26, 2016 1:45 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 26, 2016) Backyard director Greg Bell teams up with San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey to handle the high-adrenaline daily pressures of the 2016 Toyota Command Center. Using never-before-seen technology, in the new :30 “Double Buster” for Toyota out of agency H&L Partners, Posey leads a team of dedicated Toyota employees in a high-tech customer service call center-- which is receiving a high volume of calls. To ensure that all customers’ inquiries are answered promptly, Posey breaks out an untested dual headset to respond to auto-related questions two-at-a-time, to the awe and admiration of the rest of the Toyota team.


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Notes Bell, “This is the fourth time I’ve worked with Buster, and he’s surprisingly good at taking direction in spite of the fact that his day job is winning World Series. That moment where he pivots from an over-serious, Shatner-esque delivery to a sing-song, “Hi this is Buster,” is probably my favorite moment in everything we’ve shot. He’s game for anything I throw at him.”

The campaign features two additional :30 spots, “All You,” which features Posey giving a new call center employee a confidence-boosting pep talk, and “All Day Long,” in which a droid provides Posey with the tools (and caffeine) he needs to answer calls all night long.


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Client: Toyota

Title: “Command Center: 2016 Prius” :30, “Hotline: 2016 RAV4 Hybrid” :30, “Command Center: 2016 Tacoma” :30

Agency: H&L Partners

Executive Creative Director: Rob Bagot

Executive Producer: Therese Vreeland

Art Director: Tim Stier

Account Executive: Ongie Chin

Assistant Producer: Evelyn Danford Houder

Production Company: Backyard

Director: Greg Bell

Director of Photography: Dave Myrick

VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur

Line Producer: Aesli Grandi

Editorial: Ntropic SF

Editor: Alan Chimenti

Producer: Laura Livingstone


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