ProMAX Systems Unveils Next Evolution of Cache-A Archiving Appliances


ProMAX Platform Pro-Cache Delivers Full LTO Archiving and Backup Unit in a Fully Loaded Shared Storage Server

Last Updated: April 18, 2016 12:01 pm GMT
(NAB Show, Booth SL3825--April 18, 2016) ProMAX Systems, world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations, today announced Platform Pro-Cache 50, which marks the next evolution in the ProMAX acquired, Cache-A archiving line. As the newest addition to the Platform Family of Workflow Servers, the Platform Pro-Cache will include all the functionality of Platform giving creatives the ability to render, transcode, manage and share media assets, and backup and archive all in one simple-to-use, workflow server unit.

Extending the capabilities of the original Cache-A Archiving appliances, Platform Pro-Cache takes network archiving to an even higher level of efficiency. The new Platform Pro-Cache features a Windows based environment which allows a massive leap in integration and management capabilities in a small flexible package. By standardizing on the most common business OS in use today, it affords an extra layer of comfort to end users when setting up and deploying the system as well as significantly reducing the need for support.

“Clients with older Cache-A units now have a cutting edge, integration friendly upgrade path for their old archive systems,” stated Brian Reisdorf, VP Technical Services, ProMAX Systems. “Because Platform can import, manage, and read older Cache-A based LTO tapes and catalogues it’s an easy transition that allows our users the option to continue onto the next version of the venerable Pro-Cache standalone archive unit, or to step up into a full featured workflow server that can read and add to their existing Cache-A archives.”

Platform Pro-Cache builds on its predecessor's strengths -- reliability, ease of use, adding superior functionality to maximize efficiency for the end-user. This next evolution in archiving solutions boasts industry standard capabilities, including Full and Incremental Backups, recurring jobs, tar, LTFS and the ability to read existing Cache-A tapes, a fully searchable catalogue of every file copied to tape, custom metadata management, proxy generation before archives and the ability to view proxies on archived assets. Cache-A users with older units now have a cutting edge, integration friendly upgrade path for their old archive systems that includes all of the features and benefits of the Platform. Platform Pro-Cache Features:
  1. Powerful workflow server capability like all ProMAX Platform Devices
  2. Supports both Full & Incremental Backup
  3. A full catalogue of files copied to tape with full file and metadata search
  4. Proxy generating capabilities for all video assets before copying to tape
  5. Archiving to tape with full MD5 Checksum read and compare
  6. LTO6 and LTO7 models with 10TB of disk storage
  7. Industry Standard LTFS and tar formats
  8. Support for Multiple Drives or Library
  9. Supports up to 2 Tape Drives
  10. Tape copy speeds up to 300MB/second
  11. 4 Port 1GbE connections standard, 2 Port 10GbE Fiber, 2 Port 10GbE copper Optional
  12. Includes (2) x USB 3.0, (2) x USB 2.0, (1) x eSata and (1) SAS External

Platform Pro-Cache will ship June 15, 2016. For information on Platform Pro-Cache and upgrade options, visit

Visit ProMAX Systems at NAB 2016 in the South Lower Hall of the LVCC, Booth SL3825 for more product announcements and demonstrations.

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