ProMAX Introduces Groundbreaking Integration With Adobe Creative Cloud


ProMAX Platform Version 5 Adds Functionality and Media Management Capabilities within Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Environment

Last Updated: April 18, 2016 12:02 pm GMT
(NAB Show, Booth SL3825--April 18, 2016) ProMAX Systems, world leader in integrated workflow technology for media organizations, today announced Platform Version 5 with integration for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, a key component of Adobe Creative Cloud®. This customer-focused enhancement leverages the capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Platform, providing a seamless and more efficient workflow for the end-user.

With the release of Platform V5 with integration for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, ProMAX has taken the first major step of workflow server integration within a NLE environment. This development further boosts workflow efficiency for media professionals, allowing them to work within one interface without the need for jumping from one UI to the other, which takes extra time and stifles the creative process.

“Many of today’s media professionals spend much of their time working with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications,” stated Jess Hartmann, CEO ProMAX Systems. “The last thing they want to do is open up other programs to manage media on their SAN, hunt down files to complete a project, or perform a transcode. So we designed ProMAX's Adobe product integration around Adobe’s open API’s allowing the full functionality of Platform's Workflow Server capabilities to be accessed from within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.”

The Platform Server family encompasses a multi-node architecture, native integration for asset management, ingest, transcoding, collaborative editing, rendering, delivery and archive capabilities. All of these features within Platform, which are based on the XMP metadata schema, are now available to editors inside their NLE through the Platform V5 integration.

“Today’s creatives need fast workflows that empower them to create, source, manage and publish content faster than ever,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, professional video at Adobe. “The Adobe video tools are designed to unlock the creative process across apps, projects and teams. The ProMAX Platform integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC helps creatives make amazing and engaging content without skipping a beat.”

Top Features of Platform V5 Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
  1. Mount and Dismount media / project storage volumes
  2. Lock a Project Space to take exclusive control for editing
  3. Simple and advanced search for media and projects across Petabytes of data with sub-second response time. Search file name / folder name, Search for files by metadata, Search for files on disk or tape
  4. Play media in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC source panel by selecting a file in the search window
  5. Ability to Drag clips from the search window into a project, source or preview monitor
  6. Move, copy, delete media right from the panels interface
  7. Submit a file to the server for transcoding to another format and receive notification when the transcode is complete.
  8. See all open files / projects from other users
  9. Multi-panel sizes automatically configure views based on where the panel is docked.

Platform V5 is easy to integrate with existing IT, and with Native Support for Active Directory. It is safe, secure and easy to maintain as part of today's busy media professionals overall workflow.

Platform V5 with Integration of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is available April 2016. For more information visit,

Visit ProMAX Systems at NAB 2016 in the South Lower Hall of the LVCC, Booth SL3825 for more product announcements and demonstrations.

About Adobe at NAB
At NAB 2016, Adobe is previewing updates for its Creative Cloud video and audio tools - including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects® CC, Adobe Audition® CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Prelude® CC - and showing Adobe Anywhere, Adobe Stock and Adobe Primetime. Over the past year, Adobe added hundreds of features, including comprehensive native format support for UltraHD editing, continued color advancements and support for HDR workflows, more than 100,000 4K video assets to Adobe Stock available directly in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, and popular new features like Remix for Audition CC. See Adobe at NAB in Booth SL3910, and don’t miss the Creative Master Series panel with the post-production team from 20th Century FOX’s Deadpool on 4/19, 4:15-5 p.m., Room S220.

About ProMAX
ProMAX is the world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations. For over 20 years, we’ve built a worldwide client base of tens of thousands of customers, helping them find the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solutions to their production challenges with our range of workflow servers, workstations and archiving technology. From ingest to edit, from playout to archive, we’ve evolved our thinking to focus on the real needs of our customers – bringing everything they need together in a truly integrated solution. Whether they are creatives working in Film/TV, broadcast, post production, education, government, corporate or other industries, our customers trust ProMAX to be at the heart of their creative process. Visit for more information.


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