Flanders Scientific Introduces BoxIO LUT Box Product Line at NAB 2016


3 models of advanced color management devices take LUT box technology to the next level with unique capabilities like frame capture support and dual channel operation.

Last Updated: April 18, 2016 10:28 am GMT
(Alpharetta, GA--April 18, 2016) Flanders Scientific (NAB Show Booth SL6325) has taken the wraps off of an entirely new product category: BoxIO. These advanced color management devices take LUT box technology to the next level with some unique capabilities like frame capture support and dual channel operation. BoxIO is available in three different models to suit different budgets and needs.

All BoxIO models support 17sided and 33sided 3D LUTs and feature the ability to simultaneously apply 3D and 1D LUTs for advanced workflows. BoxIO devices also support real-time LUT updates for use with production environment software like LiveGrade Pro and QTAKE. Additionally, BoxIO allows connected applications to pull full resolution frame grabs for either reference stills or thumbnail creation.

Flanders Scientific has gone to great lengths to address the frustrations often experienced with other LUT devices, this is most evident in the clean SDI loop throughs standard on every BoxIO model. These clean loops are in addition to the processed SDI outputs and allow the signal to continue downstream unaltered to other equipment.

“We found that many clients wanted to feed both a LUTted image to their client display as a well as clean signal to external devices like scopes” said Bram Desmet, CEO & GM of Flanders Scientific. He continued: “with most other LUT boxes the device is strictly an end of chain device, so if you want to continue the clean signal to other equipment you would have to use a distribution amplifier or router to accomplish that. BoxIO simplifies this real world scenario by allowing you to just loop a clean signal back out of the device.”

BoxIO is available in three configurations:

BoxIO, Flanders Scientific top of the line unit, features 2 x 12bit 3Gbps SDI inputs, 2 clean SDI loop throughs, and 2 processed SDI outputs. Additionally BoxIO features a Mini-DisplayPort output that is compatible with HDMI (1.3) and DVI devices using a simple and very inexpensive passive adapter. The Mini-DisplayPort output mirrors the SDI 1 output and also supports full 12bit output. BoxIO can be used in two modes, single-channel and dual-channel.

In single-channel mode users can switch between SDI 1 and SDI2 inputs and apply a LUT to the active input, which will then be sent to the two processed SDI outputs. In dual-channel mode BoxIO essentially becomes two LUT boxes in 1 device. Users can apply two independent LUTs to two independent signals at the same time. Aside from being a cost saving and space saving capability, dual-channel mode enables 4K support up to 30 frames per second. Additionally, 2 BoxIO can be combined for Quad 3G-SDI and 4K60P support making this one of the most affordable 4K compatible LUT devices on the market.

BoxIO retails for $1,195 and will be available in May.

BoxIO Lite SDI is a more affordable version of BoxIO that is equipped with 1 x 12bit 3Gbps SDI input, 1 clean SDI loop through, and 2 processed SDI outputs, as well as Mini-DisplayPort output. While BoxIO only has 1 input, it can still be used in single or dual-channel modes allowing users to either apply the same LUT to both outputs or two independent LUTs. Dual-channel mode on the BoxIO Lite SDI allows for independent calibration of two downstream devices or for independent look distribution in production environments. BoxIO Lite sells for $975 and is anticipated to start shipping in early June.

BoxIO Lite DP is a BoxIO device with 1 x 12bit 3Gbps SDI input, 1 clean SDI loop through, and 1 x 12bit Mini-DisplayPort output that can be used with HDMI or DVI devices. BoxIO Lite DP is ideal for users that want to calibrate displays without professional inputs using high-quality 33x33x33 size 3DLUTs. BoxIO Lite DP lists for $895 and is expected to start shipping in early June.

BoxIO devices are equipped with Ethernet, USB, and WiFi connectivity. The standard 12-18V 4pin Mini-XLR power connector is secure, robust, and offers tremendous flexibility for different power configurations.

All BoxIO devices offer compatibility with Pomfort’s LiveGradePro, QTAKE’s Grade module, LightIllusion’s LightSpace CMS, and SpectraCal’s CalMAN. In addition to this more integration partners will also be announced later this year!

More information on BoxIO can be found at http://flandersscientific.com/boxio/


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