Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2: One tool to monitor the cloud along with your in house DPC


Last Updated: April 19, 2016 9:11 am GMT
(Madrid--April 19, 2016) Three months since the previous version of the monitoring software Pandora FMS was released and, after introducing new and improved work dynamic in development and quality control, Ártica ST -the innovative Spanish company behind Pandora FMS- has announced a new stable version of their star product: version 6.0 SP2, which includes different improvements, fixes and even some new features.

Pandora FMS is a constantly evolving monitoring solution, oriented to large and medium companies that has already gained the trust of customers worldwide. Because of its unmatchable flexibility, it allows its users to face immediate and spontaneous operational issues, both in infrastructures and IT processes, further allowing users to directly reduce costs in IT with the consolidation of a multitude of monitoring solutions. Improved performance on Windows installations. Thought out for all customers that use a Microsoft exclusive infrastructure, this new edition brings largely improved performance for Pandora FMS installations that perform in Windows environments; with highly superior response times during data processing and in the web interface (up to double the previous performance in some points). Cloud oriented During these past months Pandora FMS has evolved in its integration with referencial cloud providers: Amazon and Azure; apart from having joined in on Docker’s container system through Docker Hub. This makes it possible to deploy a monitoring system as complete as Pandora FMS with just a single command prompt. Reduce costs through unified monitoring Pandora FMS brings cost reductions by unifying different monitoring tools into the same solution which is strongly integrated and has a large capacity for adaptation to new needs derived from business model changes.

From monitoring a network, to doing the same for cash flow, in real time and at different Points of Sale (PoS), along with the possibility to generate dashboards and periodically scheduled reports for CEOs; Pandora FMS is genuinely a one piece toolbox. You can find more detailed information on the changes included in this version on our webpage

About Ártica

Ártica S.T., lead by Sancho Lerena is a company established in Madrid and that specializes in software development and innovation for businesses. It was founded in 2005, and since then has developed versions of CRM, CMS and monitoring software. Ártica abides for innovation, a reason why they’ve created their on software instead of simply integrating third party applications.

In Spain companies such as ADIF, AON, EMT Madrid y Gestamp already entrust their process monitoring to Ártica’s Pandora FMS software, and other companies overseas such as Rakuten, Ottawa Hospital, G4S o ISS, are also monitored with this leading solution.


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