NAB 2016: Ciphertex and VCS Pro Demonstrate Secure Ciphertex Encrypted Storage System Using NewTek's NDI IP-Based Workflow


Production companies of all sizes can provide ultimate secure protection of their valuable media files while accelerating the transfer of large datasets between facilities with the collaborative solution now offered by Ciphertex Data Security and VCS Pro using NewTek's NDI which will be introduced and exhibited at the 2016 NAB

Last Updated: April 19, 2016 5:29 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 19, 2016) Ciphertex Data Security and VCS Pro will introduce a video workflow using the exciting Network Device Interface (NDI™) developed by NewTek to realize an IP-based distributed production system running on Ciphertex secure NAS Servers and storing sensitive footage on Ciphertex Ranger RAID systems.

Ciphertex Data Security will be demonstrating this revolutionary new video workflow at NAB 2016 Booth #SL14507 South Hall (Lower).

The NewTek TriCaster provides the central switching and control for multiple cameras using NDI to connect your entire production network for maximum creative potential. The Ciphertex encrypted high-capacity NAS servers store multiple streams of resolution and frame-rate independent channels (including 4K) on SSD drives. All recorded clips can be simultaneously backed up to a Ciphertex Ranger encrypted RAID to extend capacity to hundreds of terabytes.

This advanced IP-based system enables production companies of all sizes to ensure secure production and post-production based on Ciphertex proven secure technology solution.

The Ranger RAID concurrent backup capability eliminates the slow process of transferring large datasets. When the Ranger is transported back to headquarters, the footage is encrypted and safe from theft or prying eyes.

Ciphertex will be showing its entire line of portable, encrypted RAID and NAS solutions at NAB 2016 in booth South Hall Lower Level #14507.

About Ciphertex Data Security

Ciphertex single drives, RAID systems, and NAS servers offer unparalleled performance, security and reliability – seamlessly integrating hardware based AES 256-bit encryption with the latest in storage technologies and smart design. Ciphertex products are FIPS 140-2 approved and certified by the DoD Environmental Lab for reliability in harsh environments.

For more information about Ciphertex, please visit

About Visual Communication Systems (VCS Pro)

VCS Pro is a certified integrator for Ciphertex Data Security and NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) systems with extensive experience in designing advanced video workflows for casinos, corporate, post, and broadcast clients throughout Nevada and the West. Specializing in custom control interface programming, VCS Pro also consults on security system design and installation.


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