SGO News Alert - Mistika Pushes Performance up to 24GB GPU with New NVIDIA Quadro M6000


Unwrapped VR images routinely demand high resolutions and the additional GPU memory of the Quadro M6000 will help Mistika users maintain real-time performance. -- Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO and Founder of SGO

Last Updated: April 19, 2016 9:09 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 19, 2016) SGO further enhances performance of its Mistika and Mamba FX post-production products with support of the new NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB GPU to handle extremely large, complex files for feature film and broadcast projects. The NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB is designed with double the graphics memory power previously available. The additional memory combined with the data processing of the card’s Maxwell architecture gives VFX artists, animators and editors the ability to work at even greater speed on complicated projects and multi-layered visual effects.

SGO's Mistika post-production system already provides the fastest real-time creative experience for its users. Even at 4K, 8K and beyond, Mistika allows artists to work without the lengthy rendering time. Adding the Quadro M6000 extends Mistika's real-time performance further to include more complicated processes to ensure unrestricted creativity. Mistika can also make use of multiple internal GPU cards, as well as harness the power of remote GPU and CPU processing power, for almost limitless scalability.

“Mistika users are increasingly creating images at substantially higher resolutions than 8K pixels wide and these projects will benefit greatly from the additional GPU memory available on the Quadro M6000 24GB. In particular, unwrapped VR images routinely demand such high resolutions and the additional GPU memory will help Mistika users maintain real-time performance, as they finesse their virtual reality projects with Mistika's unique VR features,” says SGO CEO Miguel Angel Doncel.

“The growing desire for more complex and visually stunning images is coupled with massive data sizes. This makes interactive visualization difficult and meeting already compressed deadlines a real challenge,” says Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “Already lightning fast, the Mistika system combined with the Quadro M6000 24GB gives it the added memory to handle the demands of its users.”

The NVIDIA Quadro M6000 is supported by Mistika 8.7 and Mamba FX, both showcased at SGO’s Booth SL9027 at NAB this month. Mistika seamlessly combines colour grading, conforming, online editing and visual effects to provide the complete post-production platform. Mamba FX is SGO's dedicated compositing software, featuring infinite layer compositing, roto-scoping, optical flow tools, OFX support, paint, tracking and much more. Mamba FX is available for free trial from

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