The World's Smallest Object Storage Solution, "Ceph on Olive", is Released


Hyper Scale, Hyper low OPEX

Last Updated: April 20, 2016 1:50 pm GMT
(Irvine, California--April 20, 2016) ixstars Solutions Inc. is excited to release a revolutionary storage solution, "Ceph on Olive". With "Ceph on Olive", you can easily build high-performance, highly scalable storage systems, while also dramatically lowering your operational costs.

Fixstars is providing this one-stop appliance solution to broadcasters, studios, cable providers, and internet delivery networks to solve everyone's big-media challenges.

"Ceph" is an object-storage-based, free software storage platform that stores data on a single distributed computer cluster. One of the great features of an object-storage system is scalability. You can begin with a small initial investment on a small number of nodes, and then scale out as you see fit.

You can find more details about Ceph at Ceph Storage community website (

"Olive" is a new standard platform for Big Data. A Dual Core CPU, FPGA, 512MB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 13TB Non-volatile storage are in a 2.5-inch form factor. Fixstars is devoted to "speed up your business", and has developed high speed I/O devices, along with parallel processing technologies. Leveraging these technologies, "Olive" was designed as an ideal platform for a storage server. Please refer to more details on this website (

By combining these two technologies, we have created an innovative storage solution. Fixstars will be showcasing a live demo of "Ceph on Olive" at the NAB Show 2016 Booth #SL14907. If you are around, please do not miss this great opportunity to experience the next generation storage solutions.


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