Newly Launched Picture Shop Announces Burbank Facility


For Immediate Release Picture Shop Announces Spring Opening State of the art facility will be up and running for the fall T.V. season

Last Updated: April 24, 2016 5:55 am GMT
(Burbank, California--April 24, 2016) Newly announced post house Picture Shop will be up and running out of its Burbank facility at The Tower in spring 2016. The cutting-edge operation, which is being built from the ground up, will occupy just over 36,000 square feet of workspace and span two floors.

“What sets Picture Shop apart from other post houses is the attention we are giving to our client’s creative needs and well-being,” stated Bill Romeo, President of Picture Shop. Picture Shop’s open floor plan will feature 8 color bays, 4 edit bays and 3 flame rooms. The creative talent will be provided with leading edge technology including high bandwidth and capacity storage, and proprietary workflows that will take advantage of the latest advancements. In addition to onsite support and engineering, there are accommodations for up to 100 VFX artists. With a synergetic understanding of clients and staff, the space will include a wellness room, client lounge, relaxation areas, gym access and spectacular views.

30-year industry veteran Bill Romeo will head up this latest venture in association with Picture Head. Previously with Deluxe Media, where he served as Executive VP of Television Worldwide, Romeo understands that delivering top notch performance is all about collaboration. “We understand the long hours and hard work that go into producing and finishing a movie or T.V. show, and we’re providing a space that will not only be a conduit for creativity, but will encourage our clients to take a moment to relax, and regroup.”

Romeo’s dynamic approach and extensive industry experience will serve him well as President of Picture Shop, where the mission is to redefine and transform visual post services. A large-scale facility with a fresh vision, Picture Shop looks forward to providing complete and integrated support and services to the studios.


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