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Last Updated: April 27, 2016 10:29 pm GMT
(April 27, 2016) The Blue Collar Post Collective is a non-profit organization that supports emerging talent in film and television post production.

BCPC CoPresidents Janis Vogel (L) and Katie Hinsen (R)

This week we are launching a new program that will award financial assistance to low-income post pros, enabling equal access to important industry conferences, trade shows and professional development opportunities.

“The opportunity to attend one of these events can make a huge difference to someone’s career, in terms of education and networking opportunities. Unfortunately most are inaccessible to those on a lower income, due to the high cost of attending,” says BCPC Co-President, Janis Vogel.

“The way the industry is now, there are a lot of people working hard, establishing their careers, and still earning close to minimum wage. Not just young people, but a growing portion of our industry. It used to to take a couple of years to get out of that low-pay stage in your career. Now there are people who have been around for a while, who are still missing out on being part of these events and conferences, because their income is too low and the cost is too high.”

With a recent spotlight on inclusiveness, film and television industry conferences and trade shows are seeking to widen their audience and broaden the range of attendees. The Professional Development Accessibility Program will bolster this effort, creating a bridge between the industry and the diverse membership of the Blue Collar Post Collective. By bringing new faces to major events, we are reminding the wider industry that all professionals, including those who are low-income earners, have voices that are of equal value and importance to the post production community.

The idea for the program came when a BCPC member, who was an intern in a New York post house, had a technical paper accepted to a major conference.

“I emailed him to congratulate him on this incredible achievement, and he told me that he couldn’t afford to go to the conference as it was too expensive,” recalls Co-President and Program Director, Katie Hinsen. “I realized that we could raise a little money from within our community through raffles and fundraisers, and help people like him. And if we raised more, we could help more people.”

In the spirit of the Blue Collar Post Collective, this initiative is all about
the post production community, helping each other out.

PDAP Committee members: Randi Altman, Rod Bogart, Rob DeMartin, Diane Jones
PDAP Committee members: Randi Altman, Rod Bogart, Rob DeMartin, Diane Jones

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of individuals who hold leadership roles in the post production industry, including Diane Jones, Finance Manager at Post Factory; Rob De Martin, COO Technicolor Postworks NY; Rod Bogart, Director of Production R+D at HBO; and Randi Altman, Editor-in-Chief of postPerspective. The program is led by BCPC Co-President, Katie Hinsen.

To check your eligibility and apply for the program, go to

For more information contact the Blue Collar Post Collective
About the Blue Collar Post Collective

The Blue Collar Post Collective Executive Committee:

Katie Hinsen (Co-President) Senior Finishing Artist, Light Iron New York
Janis Vogel (Co-President) Editor, Assistant Editor
Boon Shin Ng (Treasurer) Post Production Consultant

The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots non-profit organization, supporting emerging talent in post production.

Their goal is to foster an all-inclusive community and to provide unique opportunities for their members to develop professionally. There are no prerequisites or membership fees to join the BCPC. It is a group of around 2000 post-production professionals who want to share their experiences and support each other. It appeals to those who have questions about getting started in post, people looking to advance in their careers, and professionals who want to connect with more of their peers.

The BCPC holds monthly meet-ups and organizes events focused on offering alternative educational and career development opportunities with no barriers to attend. Not only are they building networks for emerging talent, but they work to strengthen the ties between the group and the wider community, through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, social events and innovative programs.


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