Tech Support Ends for Sapphire 7 and Older Tomorrow


Last Updated: April 28, 2016 7:17 pm GMT
(April 28, 2016) Tomorrow, Friday, April 29, 2016, we are officially retiring outdated versions of Sapphire, which includes Sapphire 7 and older. You may continue to use your permanent licenses for these outdated versions, but you will no longer qualify for customer support. This includes bug fixes, licensing issues, and compatibility on new operating systems and host applications.

To continue receiving technical support on your licenses, we invite you to upgrade to the latest version, Sapphire 9. To help with the transition, we're taking 30% off ( all upgrades through Friday, April 29.

See what's included in the upgrade by clicking the button below. Or, contact an Account Manager at (617) 492-2888 or to learn more.

Learn more about upgrading here:

GenArts 955 Massachusetts Ave

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Re: News: Tech Support Ends for Sapphire 7 and Older Tomorrow
by John Richard
Well then stop falsely selling what Genarts calls a "Permanent" License.

Clearly there is nothing permanent about the license.
Sapphire plugs into a host software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and many other host software. As it is a plug-in to other host software, it relies on the functioning of that host software. When that host software has bug fixes or requires basic platform Operating System upgrades to continue to function, and Genarts then decides to no longer support your license for that Operating System, this so-called permanent license no longer works.

And of course everyone has to buy new workstations from time to time as they break or are no longer function. You cannot buy new machines with Operating Systems that are 2 or 3 versions back.

Example: as you now note without clearly stating the full facts needed, Sapphire 7 no longer runs on any Mac beyond Mavericks operating system. So anyone who has software, hardware, drivers or who has to buy a new replacement machine running El Capitan or Sierra has a permanent license that does not work. That is not permanent; in fact it is very short lived. False advertising in my opinion. And Genarts is still selling what they call "Permanent Licenses". Here is what Genarts website is currently still stating:
All licenses acquired during your Upgrade and Support contract (including upgrades, floating, and render licenses) are permanent and will continue to be functional even if your contract expires

What "permanent" mean
by Tim Wilson
The phrase "permanent license" has a specific meaning. It ONLY means that once you've bought it, you can keep using it.

The contrast is with subscription licensing, which must be renewed if you want to keep using it.

That's ALL it means. What you wish it means, or what you think it should mean doesn't enter into what it actually means. ?

In NO case does it mean that the developer is required to support the software forever, even on a system frozen to supported specs.

The real value of a permanent license only kicks in if you never, ever want to update your systems, plus whatever philosophical comfort you derive from a life free of subscription software licensing. But it also assumes that you're willing to take the risk of supporting that system yourself, because the host developer, OS developer, and computer manufacturer will all have moved on -- even though you've bought their stuff under permanent licenses too.

The irony here of course is that if you want software that's guaranteed to work as systems change, subscriptions are more cost effective, for both customers and developers.

But this is standard usage of the word "permanent" when applied to software licenses.
Re: News: Tech Support Ends for Sapphire 7 and Older Tomorrow
by jasmine peterson
I'd go 550W because I never like to skimp on power, especially since your 550W option is gold efficiency. a 390 will guzzle around 300w before you factor in all your other parts. Running your computer at around ~400W seems OK on a 500W PSU, but I like to stay way on the safe side.
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