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Content Leader Relentlessly Focused On Branded Content, Immersive 360VR Story Telling And Drone Technologies; Also, Adam Cohen Named Head Of VR Production

Last Updated: April 29, 2016 6:08 pm GMT
(Venice, California--April 29, 2016) Branded and immersive storytelling studio OffAbbothas launched. Led by Executive Producers Justin Towery and Scott Flor, OffAbbot separates itself from the creative pack thanks to a deep roster of directors and creative strategists that bring a decidedly filmic approach to digital content as well as 360 video and drone storytelling.

Recent OffAbbot digital content includes ads for Nestea (top) and Dell Computers (bottom)
“Both Scott and I have roots in the traditional advertising production model, but we saw the writing on the wall,” Towery says. “Digital is where clients want to be today, and they are increasingly willing to shift their media dollars toward a more robust online strategy.”

Flor adds, “More than ever consumers’ eyes are on multiple screens, and because of that progressive brands are looking to take their online content to a higher level creatively, and that’s where OffAbbot and our talent roster stand apart. Unlike a lot of our competitors in this space, we’re not offering clients the ‘JV’ squad.”

Additionally, the company has named Adam Cohenits Head of VR Production, leading the company’s expanding production efforts in the virtual reality arena.

OffAbbot directors include Brendan Beachman, who recently completed a co-branded campaign for NBC’s Sunday Night Football and the recent film “Ride Along 2,” featuring actors Kevin Hart and Ice Cube; Julian Whatley, a noted cinematographer that has worked with such filmmakers as David Fincher, Richard Donner, Fredrick Bond, Philippe Andre, Mark Kohr, Rocky Morton, Dayton & FarisandFrancis Lawrence; Jason Z. Wong, whose recent work includes online ads for Nestea, Chevroletand Shell Oil; and Ryan Pesecky, who reel includes branded content assignments for HP, Bud Light and Sodastream.

The OffAbbot roster of directors also includes Andrea Ball, Matt Celia, Ryan Turner and Sabyn Mayfield, who just completed the indie feature “Boomtown,” starring Dwight Yoakam.

All OffAbbot directors’ reels can be seen here:

Immersively Focused:

With many technologists predicting 2016 to be a watershed year for virtual reality (VR), thanks in part to big product launches from Oculus/Facebook, Samsung and HTC, more and more brands are beginning to realize the extraordinary branding opportunities this new medium holds. OffAbbot is ahead of the curve in this area having recently completed several complex VR projects, directed by Matt Celia, including “Paranormal Activity Séance,” a 360VR narrative horror story created as a co-branded production for popular gaming network and the on demand/digital HD release of the latest feature in the popular horror series “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

OffAbbot’s new Head of VR Production Adam Cohen notes that after consumers get over the sheer novelty of VR, growth as a visual medium will require the expertise of experienced visual story-tellers, which is exactly where OffAbbot excels.

“Soon everyone will have access to a VR device, whether via Google cardboard or more hi-tech products that are making their way to store shelves, the reality is, consumers will soon be able to engage with this content anywhere,” says Cohen, “and as storytellers, filmmakers and overall tech nerds, we are excited by the evolution of the technology and the prospect of partnering creatively with smart brands to create powerful, engaging content with it.”

About OffAbbot:

OffAbbotis a branded and immersive storytelling studio that offers clarity, experience and a sense of focus that has been a difference-maker for a growing partner list that includes SAP, Virgin Atlantic, Doritos, Wix, Shelland Chevrolet. At its core, OffAbbot is comprised of award-winning directors, writers, producers, designers and creative thinkers with a rare combination of artistic intent, technical expertise, and an unshakable respect for great filmmaking. OffAbbot offers tangential storytelling possibilities with 360VR and drone technologies.

Off Abbot. On Point.

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