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Last Updated: May 3, 2016 12:15 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 3, 2016) Bicoastal production company Backyard has signed award-winning director Sorrel Brae for U.S. commercial representation. Known for drawing authentic, emotional performances out of actors and combining them with striking visuals, Sorrel brings his broad creative background, unique perspective and dedication to capturing moments of truth to the commercial production company.

Sorrel has directed more than 50 television campaigns around the world for a range of brands, including Toyota, P&G, Don Julio, Firefox, Pacific Life, Bank of America, NFL and American Express. His work has earned him a number of awards, including a Cannes Young Director Award and awards from The One Show, Telly, Hatch, ADDY, Creative Media, MIXX and the Webbys. He signed on to Backyard’s roster after meeting Backyard Managing Director and Partner Chris Zander.

“I met Chris [Zander, from Backyard] and I just got a very clear sense that these people are passionate about what they do, have a plan for the future and want to succeed with integrity,” says Sorrel.

Sorrel got his start as a director at Anonymous Content, spending four years honing his craft and building up his reel. He then moved to Humble, spending another four years growing and expanding his artistic capabilities.

Originally a political theory and philosophy major at Colorado College, Sorrel knew early on that he belonged behind the camera. He began working out of school as an editor and After Effects artist before shooting spec spots to break into the commercial world, winning a Cannes Young Director Award along the way.

Says Sorrel, “I love commercials because each one presents its own unique challenges. On one project, you may be very focused on getting a gritty, emotionally honest performance, while two weeks later, you’re choreographing a technically complex beauty shot.”
Says Zander, “I am drawn to Sorrel because he’s the kind of guy who spends his time writing and directing smart, personal film projects in between directing commercials. Last month he was directing actors in a redwood forest canopy 200 feet above the ground…and from what I hear, everybody survived. Sorrel is intellectually curious, a refreshingly decent human being, and talented as fuck.”

When he’s not directing commercial campaigns, Sorrel’s works as an independent writer and director have screened at film festivals around the world, including the New York Short Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Tres Courts Shorts Fest and the Paris Short Film Festival. To relax, he works with wood, a creative hobby passed down through his family.


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