Last Updated: May 18, 2016 4:43 pm GMT
(May 18, 2016) ASSIMILATE Goes Open-Beta! Updates to the entire SCRATCH Ecosystem: SCRATCH 8.5, SCRATCH Web, SCRATCH Play and the new SCRATCH VR Suite. Featuring - VR all around, HDR updates, increased Format Support, improved Data Management and more..

The Open-Beta versions give you the opportunity to actively use the full suite of SCRATCH and SCRATCH VR tools, while evaluating and submitting requests and recommendations for additional features or updates.
  • Current users of SCRATCH v8.4 can quickly download the v8.5 here.
  • New to SCRATCH? Access the v8.5 Open-Beta version for a 30-day free trial here.
  • The SCRATCH VR Suite Open-Beta version can be accessed for a 30-day free trial here.

SCRATCH v8.5. Highlights - SCRATCH has always been known for its advanced creative tools, as well as superior data management features and functions. The design of SCRATCH is based on the concept of easily managing thousands of shots, versions, grades and timelines in a single project. SCRATCH v8.5 continues to build on this capability, now introducing:
  • Full set of ACES transforms as published by the Academy
  • Publishing media directly to Facebook
  • Option to launch SCRATCH from a command-line with a series of xml-script commands, which allows closer integration with post-infrastructure and third-party software and scripts.
  • HDR support - apply a PQ transfer function to primary or secondary / reference output with a single click. Integrates into the SCRATCH color management with no need for using external LUTs.
  • And more...

SCRATCH VR Suite Highlights - The new SCRATCH VR Suite includes all the features and functions of SCRATCH v8.5 plus substantial features, functions, and enhancements that are specific to working in a 360 video environment.

To learn more, watch the SCRATCH VR Tutorial Videos and see:
Price and Availability - SCRATCH v8.5 open-Beta and the SCRATCH VR Suite open-Beta are available immediately. Those who purchase open-Beta versions will automatically be upgraded to the final versions when the products ship. Learn more about SCRATCH here. Learn more about the SCRATCH VR Suite here. Purchase both at the Assimilate Store.


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