Oishii Creative Celebrates Moms In New On-Air Spot For Sprout


#MomIsHere TV Commercial Supports Ongoing Integrated Mother’s Day Campaign Highlighting Mom’s Winning Moments

Last Updated: May 19, 2016 9:21 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 19, 2016) After a successful collaboration on Sprout’s 2015 Brand Refresh, creative solutions company Oishii Creative was recently commissioned by the 24-hour preschool television network to create a new on-air :30 spot, “Mom Is Here,” that highlights its annual #MomIsHere campaign in support of moms everywhere.

The spot begins with a sleeping mom being abruptly awakened by her young daughter yelling “Mom! Mom! Mom!” and nudging her. What follows in the energetic ad are other typical “Mom” scenarios throughout the day, whether it’s a syrupy-sweet smile and eyebrow wiggles from her son asking for her to join him in playing videogames or daughters screaming at the top of their lungs while dad chases them around the living room table. “Help us say goodbye to mom guilt,” says the voiceover, which then encourages viewers to share the message with the moms in their lives to let them know, “they’ve got this.”

To view: https://www.facebook.com/Sprout/videos/10154098198837930/

“At Sprout, we want to turn mom guilt on its head and celebrate what moms are doing right each and every day,” said Kristen Campolattaro, VP, Brand Marketing, Sprout. “Every day isn’t perfect, but mom is here physically and figuratively—and she’s got this.”

“In order to carry on the message of the #MomIsHere campaign, we worked with Sprout to create a video showcasing a variety of scenarios that show just how important moms are to their families,” says Ismael Obregon, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Oishii Creative. “Our instructions were to eschew the overly sappy feel that is often associated with these types of videos. Instead, we wanted a piece that shares Sprout’s brand values of standing by moms, and seems genuine and authentic. I think we achieved that.”

Working from Sprout’s concept and script, Oishii handled the casting, shoot and editorial on the “Mom Is Here” on-air spot. From there, the network will re-cut the spot with additional footage shot by Oishii to create a number of other versions for social media and integrated brand tie-ins.

Oishii shot a cast of 18 kids (ages 4-10) and seven adults (six “parents” and a “grandparent”) to capture various family scenes over the course of three days on-location in Los Angeles. An additional photographer caught candid moments of the Sprout “kids” and “parents” interacting in real ways to provide a library of families for Sprout marketing campaigns.

Currently, Oishii and Sprout are developing additional creative assets to augment the existing brand refresh toolkit, including new bumpers, genre opens, a live-action promo package, and :30 brand spot. The new elements will launch in the later this year.

Client: Sprout, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s 24-hour preschool network VP Marketing: Jennifer Giddens VP, Brand Marketing: Kristen Campolattaro Creative Director: Farrel Allen Manager, Brand Marketing: Bridget Sullivan

Production & Postproduction Company: Oishii Creative Creative Director/Director: Ismael Obregon Executive Producer: Daniel Walkup Director of Photography: Matt Roe Editor: Nicholas Nykamp

About Oishii Creative:
Oishii Creative is a full-service creative solutions studio. From ideation and strategy to design and production, we distinguish our clients through the relentless pursuit of the next BIG idea. While no ambition is too big or too small, it all boils down to the RIGHT idea for your brand. Our award-winning team is ready to dream with you and create with you. http://oishiicreative.com

About Sprout:
Sprout is the 24-hour preschool TV network that reflects real kids and the real worlds they are growing up in. Sprout's original programming inspires families to experience the possibilities in every single day, and includes animated series "Nina's World," "Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave" and "Floogals." Sprout's "Sunny Side Up" is the only morning show for preschoolers and broadcasts live from NBCU Studios in Rockefeller Plaza. Launched in 2005 and now in over 58 million US homes, Sprout is a network of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. Please visit sproutonline.com for additional information.


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