Artistry-Focused Production Company Sweet Rickey Launches


Female-helmed production company Sweet Rickey has arrived, with Vanessa Macedo Lonborg at the reins and Executive Producers Phoebe Cole and Scott Burtnett at the ready,

Last Updated: May 23, 2016 5:24 pm GMT
(Boston, MA--May 23, 2016) Female-helmed production company Sweet Rickey has arrived. With Vanessa Macedo Lonborg at the reins and Executive Producers Phoebe Cole and Scott Burtnett at the ready, the new production company is housed beneath sister editorial company EDITBAR on historic Union Street in Boston.

The collaborative is home to creatives from Boston and beyond, each with a unique point-of-view and extensive experience. Sweet Rickey’s directorial roster includes Marc Colucci, DeMane Davis, Max Esposito, Max Gutierrez and Brett Karley. This diverse collection of talent lends Sweet Rickey fluency across all media platforms, equally at home producing new experiential content as traditional broadcast television advertising.

“Sweet Rickey was designed to be a fresh force for inspiring work,” says Vanessa Macedo Lonborg, EP of EDITBAR and former Broadcast Producer for Hill Holliday. “The mission here is equal parts creativity and open client communication —transparency to foster seamless execution from treatment through delivery.”

Central to the Sweet Rickey community are planned events and screenings to bring people together to explore creativity in various forms and expressions. “Our industry is notorious for ingenuity and artistry but we need opportunities to step outside of our daily roles and appreciate it,” she elaborates. “Our goal is to keep fires burning and spark imagination.”

Also in the Sweet Rickey // EDITBAR family, are color and finishing crafters via remote collaboration with Nice Shoes and artist-owned audio house Sound Lounge. Now, with Sweet Rickey, exceptional production and post-production assistance will be offered under one roof. Services may be packaged to provide agility, consistency, and above all, artistry for any approach.

Sweet Rickey was born to collaborate with innovative people. Whatever the vision, Sweet Rickey's incredible collective of artists and producers will do what it takes to bring it to life.

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