Media L Invests in a Mistika Ultima to support Korean HDR Projects


Mistika’s flexibility and accuracy allows for our elaborate HDR workflow within a simple post-production chain. -- YongJoon Choi, Director, Media L, Korea

Last Updated: May 26, 2016 3:29 pm GMT
(Seoul, South Korea--May 26, 2016) Media L, one of Korea’s top post-production companies, has recently purchased a Mistika Ultima system to revolutionise its HDR capabilities. Visiting IBC was a major influence in their decision to invest in SGO’s technology to help service their ongoing HDR requirements.

The team at Media L has already put Mistika to work on grading commercials, as well as creating new media materials for film and television, including state-of-the-art exhibition videos for major Korean TV manufacturers. In addition, Media L recently used Mistika to post-produce striking promotional footage, displayed on high-end HDR television screens designed for the 2016 CES HDR Exhibition video for Korea’s major TV appliance manufacturers.

Director of Media L YongJoon Choi states, “Mistika’s flexibility and accuracy allows for an elaborate HDR workflow within a simple post-production chain. Ever since we have had the system installed at our facility, we have noticed an even greater increase in demand for HDR production work.”

Following SGO’s Seoul-based Korean Office launch last year, it has swiftly become the hub of sales and support for the company’s product line, including its cutting-edge colour-finishing post system ‘Mistika’ and compositing software ‘Mamba’. “SGO Korea” continues to expand in line with the corporate global expansion plan, by providing a dedicated level of service, alongside a bespoke support infrastructure that spans across its reseller / partner network throughout South East Asia.

Hokeun Lee who heads-up SGO’s Korean office says, “Media L plays a key role in Korea’s new media production market, and I am delighted to see them taking a leading stance in HDR. By taking advantage of Mistika’s innovative, reliable and advanced capabilities, they are extremely well-positioned to propel themselves further for imminently emerging technologies ahead.” Adding further, “We are passionate about bringing SGO's world-leading technology to the top creative people in Korea. Having a strong and focused SGO team structure and presence already in place, reinforces Mistika’s position in the region.”

Accomplished Mistika Artist and Product Application Specialist Nicholas Recagno, who has worked in Korea extensively and has helped with the launch of the new SGO office in Seoul adds, "The Korean broadcast industry has been at the forefront of technology for several years now and is one of the very first countries in the world to broadcast in UHD. Media L is a pioneering firm that is not afraid of venturing into unknown territories and investing in new technologies. They are also keen to provide services for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Immersive 360 (VR) productions that are just around the corner."

“Our customers in Korea benefit from a closer relationship with our highly experienced local sales and support team at hand. SGO's standpoint is that our customers always come first. Therefore, our priority is that excellent resources and expertise be made available for them to access. We are very pleased that Media L has invested in Mistika technology and look forward to hearing about their successful projects in a thriving market.” SGO’s MD Geoff Mills comments.


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