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Last Updated: June 1, 2016 4:18 pm GMT
(June 1, 2016) Cinematic visuals take the new Athene commercial, via Agency Blue and produced by @LArge Productions, to places "you've only dreamt of." The new spot uses a uniform sea of people to represent conformity and the age-old metaphor of individuals having their heads in the sand compared to more progressive, innovative thinkers. The ad highlights Athene's focus, commitment and higher expectations, and celebrates those that embrace the same.

Aligning the right team for the project is a hallmark of @LArge's approach, and the orchestration of Amir Mokri and Dave Henegar to co-direct was the perfect pairing for this filmic, visual effects-intensive commercial. Mokri (DP for Man of Steel and Transformers, among blockbuster features) also served as the director of photography for the project, which was shot on location in the Nevada desert.

View the results here: https://vimeo.com/168820114

Client: Athene

Advertising Agency: Agency Blue CEO/Chief Creative Officer: Brian Kroening President: Leslie Crayne Producer: Kris Wong Berrie

Production Company: @LArge Productions Directors: Amir Mokri and Dave Henegar DP: Amir Mokri Managing Director: Tracy Mays Executive Producers: Beth Aranda and Ashley Hydrick

Visual Effects Production: Butcher

Editorial Company: Butcher Editorial Editor: Dave Henegar


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