Synthwave aesthetic hyping Dallas Stars fans pre-game


Last Updated: June 2, 2016 4:50 pm GMT
(June 2, 2016) How do you start the Dallas Stars’ 2016 playoff season with a bang? The Sequence ​Group decided go big or go home, choosing the 200x85ft ice rink of the American Airlines Centre as its creative canvas. For the pregame show Sequence’s artists created a digital projection across the 200x85 rink. Named the ‘Geometron’, the ice projection comprises a display of swirling neon wireframe inspired by early 80s video games.

The team utilised CINEMA 4D and After Effects to create the hazy synthwave look, which transports spectators from the outer edges of our atmosphere to a glowing Dallas cityscape – one which also includes the American Airlines Centre! The big finale sees the projection settle on a power station filling with energy, bringing the atmosphere in the stadium to a roaring crescendo.

"Sequence is always up for venturing into unknown territories, and this project was certainly that!” explains Ian Kirby, founder & creative director at Sequence.

“We developed a design aesthetic that fit into the existing creative direction of the team, while still making sure that the piece incorporated historical elements from the Dallas Stars’ history, including previous logos like the Minnesota North Stars logo and their 1999 Stanley Cup victory.”

The real challenge was technical rather than creative, given that Sequence was presenting the projection on such a large canvas.

12 aligned projectors were required to maximise clarity and brightness on the ice surface, enabling everyone to see the show wherever they may have been situated in the stadium.

“We needed to ensure that the content of the ice projection worked from all angles, and that was quite difficult,” says Dan Sioui, executive producer. “Projecting on ice is a completely different approach than a broadcast spot; gamma levels and colours all need to be reconfigured. Ensuring we achieved a final look in such a short timeline was tough.”

Nevertheless, the final show was a success, starting the season playoffs in spectacular style.

“It was a challenge, but judging from the crowd’s reaction I think we succeeded!” says Sioui. “We were thrilled to be a part of the event, adding to the pregame energy felt throughout the stadium and delivering something the Sequence team could truly be proud of.”


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