OffAbbot And No Slate Productions Take Viewers On 360 VR Road Trip With Hall Of Famer/Classic Car Collector Reggie Jackson For SAP Anywhere


Director Matt Celia Takes Viewers On A Virtual Tour of Reggie's Garage -- An Insiders Look At How The Former Yankee Great Is Making The Dream Of Building A Classic Car A Reality With SAP Anywhere

Last Updated: June 6, 2016 3:31 am GMT
(Venice, California--June 6, 2016) OffAbbot, the immersive storytelling studio and their partner company NoSlate Productions teamed up with SAP Anywhere and virtual reality filmmaker Matt Celia, to ride along with baseball Hall of Famer, classic car collector and founder of Reggie’s Garage, Reggie Jackson.

The new, immersive short gives viewers a one-of-a-kind 360 VR look at his jaw-dropping classic car collection and learn about his vision for his growing business.

The VR piece not only provides viewers with the opportunity to explore his collection, but lets you ride shotgun with Reggie as he details the history of his classic 1955 Chevy, and hear how SAP Anywhereturned Reggie’s Garage into a one-stop shop for anyone looking for parts and accessories for classic automobiles.

Click here to watch the VR Introduction To Reggie’s Garage:

“The first time I walked into Reggie's garage, and heard his story, I got goose bumps, and knew that virtual reality was the perfect medium to share his incredible story,” Celia says. “Virtual reality provided a unique opportunity to tell a personal story that transported the viewer and appealed to car fans, baseball fans and anybody interested in Reggie’s story.”

Challenging VR Ride Along:

Celia adds that he knew he wanted to take the viewer on a virtual ride with Reggie -- and that it was going to be the most difficult shot.

“We had to rig up the camera carefully to not damage the cars, and spent a lot of time in post rotoscoping the rigging,” Celia says.“I’m very happy with the result -- the shots give the piece some fantastic energy.”

Telling VR Stories:

Looking ahead, Celia and OffAbbot see enormous potential not just with VR branded content, but specifically using VR to tell compelling, narrative stories.

“VR offers brands a new way to entertain audiences.” Celia says, “but I think there’s an opportunity to create strong engagement with customers through effective storytelling. Offabbot is pushing the boundaries of the medium and inventing new ways of storytelling that I think is immersive not only a technical level, but on an emotional level too. This SAP project with Reggie is a step forward in that direction.”

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