Vitamin Pictures Reboots


Studio gets a makeover, releases new work.

Last Updated: June 8, 2016 10:17 pm GMT
(Chicago, Illinois--June 8, 2016) Design and animation studio Vitamin Pictures relaunches with a new look, and an expanded roster. The studio’s newly-added CGsupervisor, designer, illustrator and character animator were among a handful of artists who contributed to the company’s latest round of creative works.

, for the Medical University of South Carolina’s Children’s Hospital and Birmingham, Alabama agency Lewis Communications, delves into the imagination of two kids playing in a suburban backyard. As they bounce on a trampoline, the environment around them is transformed into an emerald forest filled with winged fairies. Another leap and they’re cavorting with a bubble-breathing dragon before a medieval castle. Then, they’re soaring through the solar system in a pint-sized rocket.

Vitamin Pictures produced the entire spot in-house. Animators created 3D dinosaurs, a dragon, fairies and spaceship figures, each of which reappears in toy form in the spot’s last scene. Artfully choreographed transitions give the piece a dreamlike flow.


was for Advocate Healthcare with Chicago-based agency, HY Connect. The spot features a combination of CGI characters and miniatures set pieces. Vitamin Pictures built a total of seven environments using its in-house stage for fabrication and filming. The CG team handled all of the character design, rigging, animation and rendering. The spot follows three characters whose active lifestyles take them through the handcrafted landscapes.

Vitamin also produced artwork for print and online marketing for both campaigns.

Vitamin is located at 232 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611. For more information, call 312.664.6683 or visit

MUSC Credits:

Client: Medical University of South Carolina’s Children’s Hospital

Agency: Lewis Communications, Birmingham, Alabama. Spencer Till; Executive Creative Director/Senior Vice President; Ryan Gernenz , Associate Creative Director; Keith Dezen, Freelance Agency Executive Producer; Jacob Garner, Broadcast Production Coordinator; Carlton Wood, Account Supervisor; Samantha Linkous, Account Manager.

Production: Vitamin. Danny DelPurgatorio, Director/Executive Creative Director; Tim Sepulveda, Technical Director & VFX Lead; Santosh Sailesh, VFX; Bill Halliar, Storyboards; Tim Sepulveda, Sam Gierasimczuk and Linas Jodwalis, Layout; Tabia Lees, Michael Siegel, Igor Choromanski, Tim Sepulveda, Modeling, Rigging & Animation; Keith McMenamy, Andy Garcia, Michael Siegel, Linas Jodwalis and Tim Sepulveda, Lighting & Texturing; Rob Foster, Daniel Pernikoff, Chris Beers and Danny DelPurgatorio, Compositing; Danielle Otrakji, Linas Jodwalis, Ben Girdwood, Michael Siegel, Sam Gierasimczuk, James Levy, and Tim Sepulveda, Concept Design; Larissa Berringer, Executive Producer; Pat Fischer, Line Producer; Lauryn Grimando, Associate Producer; Andrew Maggio, Editor.

Color and online: Filmworkers Club, Nashville.

Advocate Credits:

Client: Advocate Medical Group

Agency: HY Connect.

Production: Vitamin. Danny DelPurgatorio, Director/Executive Creative Director; Tim Sepulveda, Technical Director; Rob Foster, Senior Art Director; Ben Girdwood and Bill Halliar, Storyboard Artists; Katrina Zimmerman, Ben Girdwood and Danielle Otrakji, Concept Designers; Danny DelPurgatorio, Rob Foster, Katrina Zimmerman, Ben Girdwood and Danielle Otrakji, Set Designers; Brendan Eddy, CG Supervisor; Sam Gierasimczuk, Tabia Lees, Brendan Eddy, Neil Hagre, Jesus Bibian, Stuart Young and Anthony Palermo, 3D Generalists; Tabia Lees, Keith Osborn and Sam Gierasimczuk, Character Animators; Danny DelPurgatorio, Rob Foster and Thomas Horne, Compositors; Larissa Berringer, Executive Producer; Lauryn Grimando and Audrey Goss, Producers.

Color and online: Filmworkers. Fred Keller, Colorist.


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