New York Based Creative Agency Turns to Small Tree Shared Storage to Take on Growth


Creative Team Needs Simple and Scalable Shared Storage Solution

Last Updated: June 9, 2016 8:15 pm GMT
(New York, New York--June 9, 2016) Small Tree shared storage solutions are a perfect option for any company looking to expand its growth capacity with an effortless and reliable system. Versus, a creative production studio in New York City, made the move to Small Tree when they transitioned into a larger workspace to allow for future expansion and to improve their daily workflow.

Versus is a boutique creative company that focuses on everything from production to post-production, animation, digital effects and editing. The company consists of 10 to 20 employees, depending on the scope of work, and includes big name brands such as Nike, Xfinity, Vans, The Discovery Channel and American Express as clients. Versus’ work has ranged from producing Super Bowl spots to short web films.

Prior to switching over to Small Tree’s TitaniumZ-8 shared storage system, Versus relied on using a computer as their main server, storing files and working locally. Justin Barnes, Creative Director and Partner of Versus explained that the biggest benefit to their new system is not having to think about it.

“Everything just lives on there and it’s one less headache. We can put all of our time into the creative, which is exactly what we need,” said Barnes. “Small Tree seemed like the right fit for us. We’re not a big company, but we do huge projects and we really are design and creative focused – we don’t want any distractions that take away from that.”

Small Tree’s TitaniumZ-8 is an affordable, full-featured, all-in-one Ethernet-based shared storage system with advanced file sharing capabilities. Offering the right levels of capacity and storage software to keep users working efficiently, TitaniumZ-8 is built on an open source operating system that was customized to be easy to use, feature-rich, reliable and perform at a high level. Supporting all popular multimedia applications, TitaniumZ-8 is available from an eight-drive system with 2TB drives up to a 40-drive system with 8TB drives.

Versus took two main factors into consideration when deciding to turn to Small Tree for their shared storage needs. Their decision was primarily based on its scalability and affordability. “We don’t know where we’re going to be in a year, hopefully double the size. We can add storage to the system we already have so it can grow along side of us.”

Another benefit for the Versus team is Small Tree’s ease of use and their customer support. “We all just spoke together and we ended up purchasing it. It showed up and was installed and it was all pretty easy.” The Versus team also appreciates how easily their freelancers can adapt to the system since there is not a learning curve. “It’s just another folder on your finder.”

Barnes also shared that Small Tree has helped with their project management. “We have a pretty rigid system of how we handle file structure and things like that, so Small Tree just sort of holds all of it. It sits in our server room and works alongside of us,” he said. “It’s just really made life easier.”

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