Pennzoil Takes On the Blistering, Mexican Desert in Part Two of Film Series, "JOYRIDE"


Last Updated: June 10, 2016 5:34 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--June 10, 2016) JOYRIDE, Pennzoil’s three-part car film series, is back and taking on extreme heat in one of the most dangerous locations in the world: the desert of San Felipe, Baja Mexico.

In “

,” our Joyrider— who’s in constant pursuit of ultimate performance—locates a hidden Pennzoil test car in an underground desert facility. We follow the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on an exhilarating journey,propelling up the sharp crags of the desert’s rocky ridges, rooster tailing through the desert and blasting through sand dunes while catching big air. The best part: the driving is 100 percent real.

“It’s hard to show what motor oil can do for your vehicle,” said Dustin Tamilio, Group Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta. “You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t taste it – but you can definitely feel it.”

Rhys Millen, precision driver (The Fast and the Furious), pushes the Jeep to a blistering limit, raising engine temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit and trusting Pennzoil synthetic motor oil to protect it from overheating.

“It’s critical for a motor oil to perform at extreme temperatures,” said Fernando Morales, Campaign Lead, Pennzoil. “We want people to understand that if the motor oil can perform under harsh conditions like this, it’s going to perform even better when you’re at home.”

The filming of “JOYRIDE Baja” was just as challenging as the professional stunt driving. To best capture the speed and performance of the Jeep, Pennzoil assembled a coalition of production equipment and professionals, including a one-of-a-kind Ford Raptor Pursuit Systems vehicle, a retrofitted Polaris RZR buggy, a GoPro Freedom 360 Explorer Rig and an Octocopter drone to take the viewer along for a 4x4 joyride.

The brand also enlisted a team of technologists to capture data in real time (i.e. speed, velocity, torque, motion) for virtual reality simulators that will be on tour this summer at car shows, races and other auto events nationwide.

“The simulator experience was captured using 4k Ultra HD cameras rigged to the front of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with an extreme wide angle lens to capture the action,” said Michael Nielsen, Director, Grain & Glass. “The team also rigged the vehicle with a special on-board telemetry data capture system to record every aspect of the Jeep's performance to use in rebuilding the ride experience.”

Stay tuned: JOYRIDE part three will release later this year.

AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta

Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Jones

Group Creative Director: Dustin Tamilio

Associate Creative Directors: Derek Kirkman, Troy Leyenaar, Daniel Prado

Account Director: Erin McGivney

Producer: Daryll Merchant


Director: Ozan Biron

Producer: Trevor Cawood

Executive Producer: Ted Herman

Production Supervisor: Philip Fyfe

DP: Macgregor

EDITORIAL: Cycle Media

Editor: Matthew Griffiths


VFX Supervisor: David Casey

SOUND DESIGN: Source Sound Inc. LA

Sound Supervisor & Mixer: Charles Deenen

Sound Recordists: John Fasal, Travis Pratert, Charles Deenen

Sound Designers: Csaba Wagner

Sound Editing: Braden Parkes

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Generdyn Music

Composer: Joshua Crispin

Colorist: Dave Hussey, Company 3


Exec Producer: Susie Neill

Producer: Victor Albarran


Director: Michael Nielsen

Editor: Dan Luce

Producer: Joey Fisher

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