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A New Landmark in Music Soundtrack Creation

Last Updated: June 21, 2016 11:08 am GMT
(Beaufort, SC--June 21, 2016) SmartSound®Software, Inc., the leader in fully-customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation technology, today announced Sonicfire®Pro 6—a software revolution in soundtrack creation technology. Seamlessly integrated with SmartSound’s extensive Royalty-Free Music Library, Sonicfire Pro 6 brings powerful new technologies to the selection, customization and integration of music tracks for video production.

“Sonicfire Pro 6 is nothing less than a revolution in soundtrack creation technology,” said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. Its sleek new user interface puts your favorite tools and options all at your fingertips. A powerful new Sound Engine makes track selection and timeline activity faster and more responsive than ever before; while a newly updated Timing Control technology lets you easily move individual track beats much more accurately to match your video —a first in the video editing industry.

“Sonicfire Pro 6’s track customization options, including advanced Mood Mappingand Variationselection, are supported by automated mix or version capabilities,” continued Mr. Klingler. “And a new Cut-Picture-To-Musicfeature allows video editors to work with a wide variety of edit options in their NLE that will work with SmartSound tracks. These new features, among many others, help make Sonicfire Pro 6 the most effective soundtrack creation product ever built.”

About Sonicfire Pro 6
New from SmartSound Software, Inc., Sonicfire®Pro 6 software enables the effortless selection, customization and integration of music from the company’s industry-acclaimed music library–exporting tracks for video production that are precisely timed, mixed to mood, contoured to changes in visual content, and royalty free.

Industry-Leading Music Track Customization
  • Custom Lengths: Precise length specification
  • New track Timing Control – more accurate (New)
  • Music track Mood Mapping® (automated mix control)
  • Alternate Arrangements; instantly at any length (automated versions)'>Custom Lengths: Precise length specification
  • New track Timing Control – more accurate (New)
  • Music track Mood Mapping® (automated mix control)
  • Alternate Arrangements; instantly at any length (automated versions)

Cut-Video-to-Music Export (New)
  • Supports top NLEs (plug-ins not required) (New)
  • File exported in XML & Marker set formats (New)
  • 5-Levels of timing options to choose from (New)

Next-generation Sonicfire Pro 6 Sound Engine (New)
  • Find tracks faster in Express Track Search (New)
  • More responsive and stable on the Timeline (New)

Streamlined User Interface(New)
  • Fully integrated interface, everything in one place (New)
  • All your favorite tools at your fingertips (New)

Production Platform Support (via SmartSound Plug-ins)
  • Adobe Creative Suite® CC
  • Final Cut® X
  • Sony Vegas® Pro
  • Avid® Pinnacle® Studio

Additional Content with Sonicfire Pro 6 license (New)
  • SmartSound’s Core Ultimate Album (New):
  • 10 kick-ass Royalty-Free music tracks exclusively for Sonicfire Pro 6

Software Compatibility
  • Microsoft® Windows® (7, 8 & 10)
  • Apple® OS X® (X.9.5 & later)

Available now from license fee (1 seat): $199.95

About SmartSound Software
SmartSound Software, Inc., headquartered in Beaufort, SC, is the world's leading provider of customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation solutions for entertainment and media content creators. New from SmartSound, Sonicfire® Pro 6 software offers a new level of music customization for music using the company’s extensive Royalty-Free Music Library.

Supporting Sonicfire Pro 6, Smartsound software plug-ins enable seamless track export to today’s most popular video production platforms. SmartSound’s Quicktracks®(an Internet application) provides online music track customization for immediate access through a cloud-based production environment. Learn more at

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