Oishii Creates What’s Next for PromaxBDA: The Conference 2016


Creative Solutions Company Develops Comprehensive Brand Package for the Conference and Awards Show

Last Updated: June 17, 2016 7:32 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--June 17, 2016) PromaxBDA, an international association for entertainment marketing, promotion and design professionals, once again reached out to creative solutions company Oishii Creative to develop a branding package for the organization’s 2016 Conference. Just as in 2014, Oishii was tasked with providing digital, motion and print collateral for The Conference.

“We work in an industry that is reinventing itself, with new forms of content and distribution changing the media landscape and the scope of our members' career opportunities,” said Steve Kazanjian, president and CEO of PromaxBDA. “Oishii's branding package for the 2016 Conference and Awards is stunning and perfectly captures the look and feel of change and innovation that we wanted to communicate.”

Creating openers and motion assets for both The Conference and the associated awards show was a big part of Oishii’s assignment, and the company was tasked with making the openers distinctly different from each other.

To view:
PromaxBDA Conference Open: https://vimeo.com/170556307
PromaxBDA Awards Open: https://vimeo.com/170547835

Drawing heavily from PromaxBDA’s tagline, “Create What’s Next,” Oishii created a sleek brand package that celebrates all the creative possibilities that lie ahead for the industry. A symbolic journey through the different stages of creativity, the fully-CG opener embraces the new modes of communication and technology, such as social media and virtual reality, while giving a nod to the old plastic arts as seen in architectural and sculptural forms.

“The opening ceremony is about seeing and running towards the future,” said Chief Creative Officer Ismael Obregon, who developed the concept for the package in close collaboration with Kazanjian. “Even with uncertainty in our industry, we wanted to celebrate the optimism of the future and how we will interact with the brand new world. Ultimately, it’s about our ability to find new ways to communicate and connect with others.”

While the creative assets for The Conference focused on PromaxBDA’s theme, the goal of the awards package was to elevate both the ceremony and the award to the same level achieved by other high-level ceremonies.

The Awards opener is revealed in three chapters that capture the anticipation of the awards process: part one expresses the joy of being shortlisted with a black statuette suspending before a swirling metallic backdrop; part two features a number of statues, reflecting the competition among fellow nominees; and in the culmination of the piece, the PromaxBDA muse-award is drenched in a gleaming coat of liquid gold before taking center stage in the closing shot -- a visual celebration of the actual win.

Oishii called on their music partners, Harmonix Sound Creators, to develop custom music and sound design for both openers.

In addition to the video packages for The Conference and the awards ceremony, Oishii created a spate of other creative assets ranging from conference signage to digital banner ads. The branding Oishii developed for The Conference will be utilized by PromaxBDA throughout the rest of the year.

“From networks to agencies to creative partners, PromaxBDA brings together scores of professionals who put a lot of time, quality and passion into what they create,” concludes Obregon. “This brand package is a celebration of that commitment and what it takes to be the best of the best.”

Client: PromaxBDA President/CEO: Steve Kazanjian

Creative Agency: Oishii Creative Chief Creative Officer: Ismael Obregon Executive Producer: Daniel Walkup Producers: Danielle Hazan and Sean Sullivan Designers: Harumi Yoshida and Amanda Trovela CG Artist/Animator: Evan Lattimore Editor/Animator: Nicholas Nykamp Technology Used: Adobe Suite, C4D, OTOY/OctaneRender Software

Music: Harmonix Sound Creators

About Oishii Creative:
Oishii Creative is a full-service creative solutions studio. From ideation and strategy to design and production, we distinguish our clients through the relentless pursuit of the next BIG idea. While no ambition is too big or too small, it all boils down to the RIGHT idea for your brand. Our award-winning team is ready to dream with you and create with you. http://oishiicreative.com

About PromaxBDA:
PromaxBDA celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2016 and is a member association representing more than 10,000 companies and individuals from major media organizations, marketing agencies, research companies, strategic and creative vendors and technology providers around the globe. The goal of PromaxBDA is to lead the global community of those passionately engaged in the marketing of television and video content on all platforms, inspiring creativity, driving innovation and honoring excellence. With companies and individuals drawn from more than 70 countries, PromaxBDA is a truly international organization uniting the individuals who will pioneer tomorrow’s electronic and broadcast media. For more information, please visit the website: https://www.promaxbda.org


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