Lipsync Post Brings The Living And The Dead To Life


LIPSYNC Post provides titles design work for new BBC series

Last Updated: July 7, 2016 5:10 pm GMT
(London, UK--July 7, 2016) LIPSYNCPost has created the disturbing title sequence for BBC ONE’s chilling new six-part drama series, The Living and the Dead, that hit the screens on 28 June 2016.

From an original story by Ashley Pharoah (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes) and produced by Eliza Mellor (Poldark, Death Comes To Pemberley), the series follows a young Victorian couple whose plans to start a new life together become unsettled after they inherit a farm in an isolated corner of England.

LIPSYNC’s Creative Director Howard Watkins noted the initial concept for the titles was to incorporate a ‘sketetal and ghostly’ theme to create the feel of early Victorian photography. “We focussed on cyanotypes or photograms - non-camera photographs that were created by placing the subject matter, usually dried plants and organisms, directly on to the cyanotype paper and exposing to light, resulting in intricate stencils of the subject,” explained Watkins.

At the same time Alice Troughton, the Series Director for the first three episodes, suggested the work of experimental film maker, Stan Brakhage, whose 1963 film Mothlightused similar techniques. “This somewhat forgotten but influential film had an honesty, pace and character that embodied much of what the sequence needed,” said Watkins.“Marilyn Brakhage, Stan’s widow, very kindly allowed us to use the film as she felt our treatment was suitably sensitive to his work.”

Julia Hall was Lead Designer and Animator on the project, and also designed the typography. The LIPSYNC team used After Effects for much of the sequence,

cutting together sequences which evoked various senses. Microscopic seed heads appear like a flock of crows in a white sky; dandelion heads become huge spoke wheels; blades of grass become flickering flames; moth-wings become arterial diagrams; and twigs become gnarled bones.


Since 2006 LIPSYNC Productions has provided investment and equity services for 100 independent feature films, offering financial, creative and technical support to filmmakers and producers. In its capacity as Executive Producer/Co-producer on numerous productions, LIPSYNC’s experienced staff are able to advise on all aspects of production, from concept to completion, ensuring the client can be completely confident that every possible penny makes it into the image onscreen. LIPSYNC has invested in titles including The Nice Guys, The Sense of an Ending, The Beautiful Fantastic, 6 Days, Mr Turner, and A Little Chaos, while TV investments include Wolf Hall, Dancing on the Edge, Falcón, Birdsong and The Crimson Petal And The White.

LIPSYNC Post is a complete post-production facility, providing every aspect of the post production process for film and television. Located in two sites on London’s Wardour Street, the company combines talented people with the highest quality equipment to offer the best for every project. Recent credits include film projects including Mr Turner, A Little Chaos, The Dead Lands, X + Y, Face Of An Angel, What We Did On Our Holidays, Starred Up andCalvary,while television projects include Olympus, TheGreat Fire, The Villageseries 2 and Dancing on the Edge, for which LIPSYNC’s audio team won a BAFTA Craft award.

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