SDI ScanConverter With Region of Interest for BlackMagic Design Video Interfaces


Last Updated: July 24, 2016 10:51 pm GMT
(London, UK--July 24, 2016) SIENNA today revealed a new software app for OSX which transforms any BlackMagic Design video interface into a powerful ScanConverter with region of interest. This low cost app adds huge value to existing BMD devices giving them the ability to selectively output Mac desktop contents to SDI and HDMI - an essential tool for broadcasters, AV event producers and corporate communications.

“Dedicated hardware scan converters are expensive and inflexible, so we decided to create a software app to bring a region of interest functionality to any BMD video interface” said Mark Gilbert, CTO: Gallery SIENNA. “Having done that, we went further by adding support for generating dual fill and key output, as well as the unique ability to output a specific window, even when it is covered up on the mac desktop.”

AV Productions and Broadcast are increasingly depending on the output from computer software for content. Whether sharing part of a web page, social media video or VOIP video conferencing, a reliable method of outputting computer applications over SDI has become essential.

“Selecting a region of interest is as simple as dragging and resizing a floating panel on the Mac screen.” said Mark Gilbert, CTO: Gallery SIENNA. “SDI ScanConverter automatically scales the region to fit the output, and for shapes which don't fit 16x9, a dedicated key output, or a background colour can be inserted for downstream keying.”

Sienna’s SDI ScanConverter is available now from the OSX App Store. A free demo version is available to download from the link below.

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