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Last Updated: August 1, 2016 5:50 pm GMT
(Flensburg, Germany--August 1, 2016) “At IBC we are focusing our attention on 2wcom’s new technology that takes transport one step further by letting broadcasters easily integrate AoIP and satellite technologies and switch from one stream to another, depending on their immediate needs.” — Werner Drews, Managing Director of 2wcom

New Audio Distribution Solution at IBC 2016

***New Fetures MM01 — Now supports Ravenna, Livewire and AES-67 and offers StreamSure technology and SIP functions

Designed for versatility, the MM01 is suitable for studio-to-transmitter link applications, studio-to-studio transmissions, as well as broadcast and post production purposes. It is compatible with Session Description Protocol (SDP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Announcement Protocol (SAP), Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2). The MM01, which is able to handle a sampling rate up to 192 kHz and provides a delayed firmware update so users can upload a firmware file and activate it later on demand, includes GPIO forwarding, AAC and Enhanced aptX compatibility, an FM tuner option for FM transmission monitoring and back up, advanced VLAN configuration and an Icecast server.

MM01 is a 19” 1HE unit prepared for a rack installation with display, jogwheel and remote control audio inputs and outputs, serial inputs and outputs, GPIOs, redundant IP interfaces and dual redundant power supplies.

*** New FlexDSR Dual Channel Satellite System — The multi-faceted device automatically selects and switches to the best available transport stream

2wcom’s innovative FlexDSR state-of-the art STL technology allows operators to receive audio streams via satellite or IP, depending on their requirements and the best quality source available. Particularly suited for dual-stream applications, FlexDSR is a satellite receiver that also serves as a complete AoIP system. The multi-faceted solution, ideal for mixed environments, automatically detects and switches to the best quality source — satellite or IP. The system, which cleverly combines transport technologies, facilitates the reception of transport streams or elementary audio streams via IP with Pro-MPEG FEC and DualStreaming protection against IP packet losses. FlexDSR can receive and decode audio from a wide range of sources. It is capable of transporting streams via satellite (DVB-S/S2), ASI input and IP, while it can also manage elementary audio streams and Icecast streams via IP. Able to support audio codecs such as MPEG 1 Layer 2, MP3, AAC LC, HE-AACv1 and HE-AACv2 and Enhanced aptX®, FlexDSR also offers quality uncompressed audio PCM at 48kHz/24bits. The FlexDSR system allows operators to benefit from a wide range of audio quality and offers a complete, efficient solution able to meet the rigorous needs of broadcasters, allowing them to quickly adapt to various transport scenarios

***New A30 — FM Monitoring device offers multiple, simultaneous supervision functions

2wcom has released the A30, the company’s newest FM monitoring device and successor to the well-known A20. Featuring additional power and flexibility, the system is equipped with two professional FM tuners able to be used independently – it’s like having two A20 in one unit. Operators can, for example, use the two tuners to simultaneously monitor two FM stations day and night, but can also let the second tuner monitor up to 30 broadcasting stations using its scan mode in round robin fashion. When in scan mode, the system lets operators effortlessly configure station order and measurement time via the new user-friendly Web interface. The A30 features an audio input (which can be monitored), one MPX input (which can be monitored in parallel to the two tuner signals), two audio and MPX outputs and two MP3 streams, allowing to monitor the audio from the distance. In addition, the A30 can also work as a backup Rebroadcast receiver, monitoring the external input signal and in the case of signal degradation, switch the output source to one of the internal FM tuners. If the signal degradation is no longer existent, the A30 automatically shifts back to the external input source.

***New MM08 New 2wcom Mpeg Encoder

MM08E is a professional eight-stereo channel AoIP encoder designed for broadcast, contribution, distribution, in-house streaming, studio-to-transmitter links and studio-to-studio links. With this new encoder, customers do not need to depend on third party encoders anymore. Compatible to AES67, Ravenna, Livewire and EBU Tech 3326 supporting all standard AoIP protocols like Session Description Protocol (SDP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Announcement Protocol (SAP), Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), RealTime Control Protocol (RTCP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2), the system works with various audio coding algorithms (Eapt-X, AAC and derivate, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3, PCM). The support of multiple network interfaces covers a wide range of applications. Multiple audio streams can be generated independently within one 19-inch 1HE unit ready for rack installation with display, jog wheel, remote control, audio inputs, serial inputs, GPIOs, redundant IP interfaces and dual redundant power supplies.

*** New RDS2.0 2wcom Encoder

2wcom is the first to provide an encoder for the future of RDS RDS2! It is backward compatible with existing RDS receivers, but allows broadcasters to opt for RDS2 as an alternative. RDS2 eliminates several limitations of the existing RDS by increasing the usable data transmission capacity by a factor of 10 to 20. This will allow for station identifiers of up to 32 characters (instead of the current limitation to eight characters), support for non-Western Europe languages by using UTF-8 encoding, improving TMC delivery to allow for much more detailed urban and regional traffic information and even graphical station logos. RDS2 will be the RDS system for the next 30 years, keeping existing RDS receivers unaffected by being totally backward compatible and keeping all existing RDS1 features. All this is achieved by simply adding up to three more RDS sub carriers, modulated and structured like the already existing one.

*** New FMC01 with IP

The FMC01 is a ground-breaking compact codec, encoder and decoder for high-quality FM MPX distribution via IP or E1 (G.703). As the first unit to combine encoder and decoder functions in the same chassis, the FMC01 offers significant operational advantages and infrastructure savings is an All-in-One Solution for FM MPX Distribution

The FMC01 allows the broadcaster to achieve substantial savings by simplifying the delivery infrastructure. It is no longer necessary to generate the MPX signal at the transmitter site, or to use a RDS encoder and stereo generator at each station. The FMC01 also ensures very low installation, service and maintenance costs with nearly no configuration of the device required. Crucially, the FMC01 allows broadcasters to create a signal distribution system that delivers the same high quality signal from each transmitter site.

Key FMC01 features include Reed Solomon FEC to minimize bit errors; quality parameters via SNMP v2c and relay switching; and FM demodulation with L+R XLR, headphone outputs and RDS decoding

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