Small Tree Introduces ZenOS V5


Operating Systems Newest Version includes nearly 300 New Features, Improvements and Updates to Enhance System Performance

Last Updated: August 30, 2016 8:43 pm GMT
(Oakdale, MN--August 30, 2016) A leader in shared storage manufacturing, Small Tree has launched ZenOS V5, the latest release of its proprietary operating system currently available with the company’s TitaniumZ line of shared storage solutions. ZenOS V5 includes nearly 300 new features and improvements to deliver a completely enhanced user experience for post-production professionals.

Key upgrades with ZenOS V5 include bandwidth traffic shaping, rapid Finder performance, Avid Media Composer Bin-Locking and Project Sharing capabilities, multiple GUI enhancements – making management of volume data much easier with group level permissions control– superior support and maintainability.

ZenOS V5 enables Storage Volume Expansion, allowing users to easily increase their total storage capacity, thus eliminating the need to rebuild their current creative content. The multi-platform shared file system operates efficiently with Windows, Linux and OS X client workstations and provides access to the same storage pools without any additional per-seat licenses or third party software required. Utilizing the same GUI, users can integrate both online and near-line storage pools seamlessly for maximum storage utilization.

“This update is vital to providing our users with the most efficient storage solution possible for their facility,” said Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree. “We continue to invest in our customers by incorporating their feature requests with performance improvements while adding reliability and supportability enhancements.”

Additional new capabilities, include:

  • Increased performance and reliability through improved SMB3 and AFP protocols, as well as enhanced 10Gb Ethernet software
  • Improved NAS permissions for improved reliability
  • Expanded activity and error-log capture for support and maintainability
  • Improved Rsync functionality for enhanced backup operations

  • Multiple network performance improvements

Available to existing Small Tree TitaniumZ customers for $695, the ZenOS V5 update is free to those TitaniumZ customers who already subscribe to Small Tree Support. Customers desiring Avid Media Composer Bin-Locking and Project sharing workflow support must be running ZenOS V5.

“TitaniumZ supports a full range of RAID protection options to satisfy the customers’ data security requirements,” Seeber said. “Thanks to ZenOS V5, users can significantly improve performance, reliability and supportability for a wider range of workflow requirements now more than ever before.”

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