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New BoxIO Capability: Channel Stacking

Last Updated: August 31, 2016 3:29 am GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--August 31, 2016) Updated BoxIO firmware and BoxIO Utility Software have just been posted at www.FlandersScientific.com. These free updates enable a new internal Channel Stacking feature in Dual-Channel mode that allows users to select Channel Two's output as the input for Channel One. This capability has many potential applications including the ability to use a single device for both calibration and real-time look LUTs.

CEO of Flanders Scientific, Bram Desmet, explains that "being able to use a single device for simultaneous use of Calibration and Look LUTs, without having to rely on LUT concatenation, and while supporting both 1D and 3D LUTs at each step in the signal processing chain, is a truly unique capability of BoxIO."

Channel Stacking is possible on both BoxIO and BoxIO Lite SDI models and requires firmware 0.1.26 or later as well as BoxIO Utility 0.17.1 or later.

Direct Integration with LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS now features direct integration with BoxIO allowing users to generate test patches from, as well as the ability to load both 1D and 3D LUTs to, BoxIO. BoxIO integration is included as a free update for LightSpace users and is found in both the full versions of LightSpace as well as LightSpace FSI LTE and LightSpace FSI Pro.

MixingLight Interview About BoxIO

Learn more about BoxIO in this informative discussion with our friends at MixingLight.com

In Case You Missed It
Here's a quick recap of additional recent changes and updates:
  • LiveGrade Pro version 3.6.2 released! This latest release from Pomfort features advanced range selection support for BoxIO as well as timecode capture from BoxIO and DM series monitors.
  • Additional formats added to test pattern generator output on BoxIO as well as support for full screen or windowed patch generation.
  • Improved frame capture support for BoxIO when dealing with mixed formats.
  • Latest BoxIO Utility will automatically recall last used IP address in Tab1 for faster and easier reconnection to BoxIO.
  • An updated video overview of the latest BoxIO Utility has been posted:

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